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The cabinet is allocating 1.2 billion euros to provide seventy new-build projects with a total of 135,000 homes with good roads, bicycle paths and public transport in the short term. That is what Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure) and Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing) write to the House of Representatives.

The new housing estates that receive money have no problems with nitrogen, so houses can be built relatively easily. Projects are spread all over the country, from the Randstad to the east, north and south of the Netherlands. Examples are in the regions of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen-Arnhem, Zwolle and Groningen-Assen. In total, this concerns 135,000 houses.

The 1.2 billion euros is part of the 7.5 billion euros that was earmarked in the coalition agreement to make large-scale housing locations accessible in the next ten years. However, according to Harbers, De Jonge and State Secretary Heijnen (Infrastructure), haste is needed. The first 1.2 billion is therefore quickly spent.

They point to the great housing shortage. By 2030, 900,000 homes are to be added, 100,000 units a year. However, these homes must be easily accessible and that requires the construction of roads, roundabouts, bicycle routes, shared transport, mobility hubs and adjustments around bus and train stations.

Easily accessible

“People who will soon have a new home also want to easily bring their children to school or the sports club and to be able to travel to work or to family and friends,” says Minister Harbers. “New homes must therefore be easily accessible, because living somewhere is only attractive if you can get there easily by car, public transport and bicycle. †

According to Minister De Jonge (Public Housing), the money is a major step to accelerate annual housing construction to 100,000 homes per year. “We are seizing all opportunities to accelerate to build more affordable homes faster.”

State Secretary Heijnen (Infrastructure): ,,From Goes to Enschede, we invest in local solutions for good public transport in new construction projects. And from Groningen to Maastricht, the shovel is in the ground for bicycle paths and bicycle tunnels.” Heijnen states that relatively small interventions often make a big difference in improving the accessibility of new houses.

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1.2 billion euros for roads and public transport to new housing estates | Politics
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