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For lovers of flowers, plants and trees, Holland has a lot to offer. Here are the 10 best Dutch gardens, including varieties of plants, tulips, palaces and castles.

1- Keukenhof

Keukenhof Gardens Open only eight weeks a year (mid-March to mid-May), it attracts more than a million visitors to its seven million tulips and bulbous flowers. The garden is located in Lisse (South Holland), next to the building where the garden was originally maintained… Keukenhof Castle.

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Lisse Holland

2- Palace Het Lu Gardens

Dutch Royal Palace in the city of Apeldoorn (Geldaland). het low. that is magnificent garden It has fountains, pavilions and sculptures worth visiting.

3- De Haar Castle Gardens

Located in the middle of the country, Utrecht has a history as rich and long as the Netherlands itself. Many of the country’s historic castles, built between the 1200s and 1600s, are located here. One of them is his Kasteel De Haar from Haarzuilens village. It is the largest existing castle in the Netherlands.The estate sits on 135 acres landscaped land Ponds, canals, bridges, rose gardens, Roman gardens and more.

4- Warmero Castle Gardens

Valmelo Castle is located in the village of Diepneheim (Overijssel) in the eastern Netherlands, near the German border.real estate and its garden It dates back to the 1300’s. Over the centuries landscaping changed to reflect the trends of the time, starting with Italian, then French, and later English. The water element has been restored.

5- Klingendael Japanese Garden

The crown jewel of The Hague’s Clingendael estate park Japanese garden Created in the early 1900s by the then owner Baroness Van BreenenShe traveled to Japan and the East several times and brought back authentic items such as sculptures, water bridges, lanterns, pavilions, plants and cherry trees. The Klingendael Japanese Garden can be visited for free, but she is only open to the public for her four weeks twice a year (June-July and September-October).

6- Trompenburg Arboretum and Gardens

in Rotterdam Trompenburg garden Founded in the early 1800s, it covers an area of ​​20 square acres. It is located in the Klaringen district near the Erasmus University campus. Here you will find English gardens, forest gardens and in late spring he is home to over 700 varieties of rhododendrons.

7- Rosendael Castle Gardens

Located in the town of Rosendael (Gerdaland) near the city of Arnhem is the Kasteel Rosendael, which dates back to the late 1500s. After centuries of renovation and restoration, this estate gardens and parks It is quite spectacular with ponds, fountains, shell galleries, rose gardens, orangeries and much more.

8- De Hortus

Amsterdam Hortus Botanical Garden Founded in 1638, it is the second oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Located east of the city centre, next to ARTIS (Amsterdam Zoo). It provides an oasis of calm in the chaotic city life. Here you can find a wide variety of plants, flowers, bushes and trees, both outdoors and in greenhouses.

9- Shipestein Castle Gardens

Spestein Castle is located in the town of Loosdrecht (Nord-Holland) near the city of Hilversum. The original castle no longer exists, but a replacement building was built in his 1920s on a 16th-century foundation. the owner at the time, Henri Van Cipesteinand 15 acres of pasture traditional dutch garden Elements include castle gardens, orchards, labyrinths, vestibules, and park forests.

10- Twickel Estate Gardens

The Twickel Estate is located near the town of Hengelo (Overijssel), close to the German border.this is castle garden It contains elements of existence spanning five centuries, representing Renaissance, Baroque, forms, landscapes and even Japanese influences.

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