10 Traits of a Professional Essay Writer that You Have to Know

In a world where almost anybody who can hold a pen claims to be a writer, finding a professional that will follow instructions, write apt papers, and provide you with good quality essays can be challenging. As a part-time student or distance learner, you often have to juggle work with studies, giving you less time to write some of the assignments given to you. You will need to hire a professional who can deliver content promptly and effectively. But how do you know an essay writer who is worth their salt? Before seeking professional help on an essay, you need to know some traits to look out for in your essay writer.

10 Traits of a Professional Essay Writer that You Have to Know


Attention to Details

Research shows that it is difficult to hold an adult’s attention for a long time, so a professional writer needs to be detailed and spice up their writing to avoid losing their audience. Even if the idea of the paper is excellent, it is easy to discard it if the writing is shoddy. Even the most negligible errors can breed doubts in the credibility of the entire essay, thereby defeating its objective. So a professional essay writer must be attentive and have an eye for details to avoid producing low-quality essays.


Writing an essay demands more than just creativity; you have to understand your prompt, do research, and put your thoughts to paper appropriately. A professional writer must put a lot of time and effort into essay writing, editing, and proofreading. It is not always easy to stay on track with distractions from gadgets, families, friends, etc. Therefore, professional essay writers shouldn’t depend solely on their creativity because it stems from inspiration, and what would they do when writing a paper that doesn’t inspire them? Being meticulous and planning for contingencies will help a professional essay writer more often than sheer creativity.

Concise writing skills

Great essay writers always ensure that readers understand their thought process by concisely using colloquial terms in their papers. When papers lack clarity, the reader finds it difficult to follow up with the conversation, which leads to a loss of interest in the essay. No matter how complex a particular article may be, a professional writer should break down all the technical parts of the paper into smaller bits the reader can easily understand.

10 Traits of a Professional Essay Writer that You Have to Know

Excellent diction

When writers repeat themselves, their works will be tiring to read, so a great writer should avoid redundancy and recursions as much as possible. A professional essay writer should write in simple sentences the reader can quickly grasp. Imagine running to get a dictionary anytime you want to read a particular paper; it’s overwhelming and can make you avoid reading an article entirely. So, to avoid finding themselves in that fix, competent essay writers learn new words every day to improve their knowledge and flexibility.

A passion for reading

You can’t succeed as a professional writer if you don’t embrace the art of reading. When a writer is a genuine reader, they inadvertently improve their writing, punctuation, etc. Besides, a writer can build, adapt and adopt ideas by reading several genres of books. Therefore, a professional writer should read newspapers, online publications, fictional and nonfictional books to develop their ability to craft an essay on any topic given to them.

Note-taking skills

Many social researchers insist that humans learn at least ten new words every day. Unfortunately, most people do not remember the words and do not include them in their day-to-day vocabulary; they only become aware such words exist but never get to use them. In contrast, professional essay writers take notes often. They understand that they cannot rely on their memory to retain every bit of information, so they keep records for later writing. This habit helps them become well-rounded and improves the quality of information they use in their articles.

10 Traits of a Professional Essay Writer that You Have to Know

Research skills

There is no way a good essay writer can produce a worthy paper without doing the necessary background work. They need to dig deep into archives and study materials to come up with the perfect piece. Carrying out proper research before proceeding to write an essay makes the essay rich and worth the read. Also, consulting several scholarly materials makes the work credible and authentic, so professional essay writers are researchers.

Ability to leverage technology and writing tools

With technology and software that help refine writing, essay writing is less tasking than it used to be. Many professional writers use software that blocks distracting notifications and apps on their devices to focus solely on writing. You can use several helpful tools like Grammarly, Evernote, Ulysses, Trello, HemingwayApp Editor, etc., to expedite your writing process. These tools assist writers in working quickly and efficiently.

A realistic estimation of their strengths and weaknesses

No writer can be knowledgeable about all aspects of writing – research, editing, creative writing, proofreading, etc. A writer cannot be a master of all aspects of the writing field. But good writers focus on perfecting their strengths and using them to the fullest while working on their weaknesses, so they do not affect the credibility of their work in the long run. Above all, they aim to give clients excellent papers to help them get good grades in school.


Having a professional attitude to writing is a necessary trait every essay writer should have. The writer needs to be reliable and meet deadlines. In the essay writing business, missing deadlines can put the writer and the client in a difficult position. The client may lose marks for submitting a paper late, while the writer might get terrible reviews. So the best essay writers are professional in their interactions and handling of a client’s essay.


We can become too busy while we have pending essays that the only way to salvage the situation would be to call on an essay writer to write for us. However, we should know the traits to look out for in a writer before handing out assignments to them. The above-listed qualities are signs that an essay writer knows their onions and you can work with them.

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