12 tips to lose pounds in a simple way

Smaller portions, not a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips when you watch Netflix. We all secretly know very well what to do and not to do if we want to lose some pounds. Yet nearly six in ten adults in Europe are overweight or obese, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Netherlands is slightly below this average.

12 tips.

1. Eat more vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight. This is mainly because both vegetables and fruit contain a lot of dietary fiber. This nutrient ensures that you feel satisfied sooner after eating, which is important if you want to lose weight without hunger. In addition, vegetables, in particular, contain very few calories.

You really don’t have to eat a salad every night or load your plate with vegetables. Try eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. For example, you can put more vegetables in a soup or add vegetables to your omelette.

Fruit is a different story: if you want to lose weight quickly, it can be wise to temporarily limit your fruit consumption. The sugars in fruit will not help with weight loss. Bananas are certainly real calorie bombs.

2. Eat small portions

Since 1900, the size of our dinner plates has increased by no less than 23 percent, from almost 23 to about 28 centimeters. If we were to eat just fifty more calories per day as a result, we would gain more than two kilograms per year, researchers calculated. That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s an increase of ten kilos in five years – and that just because of the size of your plate. So put your food on a small plate. It also appears that it is better to scoop up your food with a tablespoon than with a serving spoon. Never put the pan on the table, but scoop up your food in the kitchen. This way you avoid taking another portion. Eat slowly. How often should you chew each bite? 20 to 30 times is a common answer to this question, but most often it boils down to chewing until the bite feels “good” to swallow. By chewing well you make a lot of saliva and nutrients are more easily absorbed and broken down. This makes it a lot easier for your stomach to digest your food and you give your body time to signal to your brain that you’ve had enough.

3. Food diary

Write down what you eat per day. By writing everything down, you become aware of what you eat. Also include when you eat, when you felt like eating and how you felt. Soon you will discover your bad habits and what your pitfalls are. This will probably give you an idea of ​​how your extra pounds came about. Maybe you don’t snack much, but you eat large meals. Or do you just serve yourself healthy meals, but bring out a bag of chips in the evening.

4. Make a plan

Losing weight is not easy. Certainly not if you have a busy job and/or a large social life. We understand that you don’t feel like or have time to spend all day on healthy food. Are you busy for the next few days? Then make a plan so that you are not tempted to order pizza or visit a drive-in restaurant on the way. Fill your fridge and freezer with healthy food. If you feel like sniffing, have a carrot, some radish, cucumber or a boiled egg.

5. Say No!

Are you someone who can be found at the coffee table or in the kitchen as soon as a colleague treats you to a piece of cake? Or does your partner like to share a bag of chips with you because it is so nice to snack together while watching a movie? Say no. A small handful of chips or a small piece of cake also provide an excess of calories. Many little ones make a big one. So just refuse if you really want to lose weight. And don’t forget that you don’t owe people an explanation and no one can force you to join in the fun.

6. No Fast Food

You read it right. No fast food. If you really want to lose weight, you will have to give up burgers, bitterballen and pizzas, among other things. If you feel like something, have some nuts or fruit. You can always put a bag of nuts in your bag to quell your hunger pangs. Can’t resist the temptation for once. The croquette, frikandel and bami slice do the best when you look at the calories.

7. Healthy snacking

A bag of chips, a tub of ice and a bag of liquorice. All of them do not fit into a healthy lifestyle. Swap these snacks for fresh fruit, a handful of nuts (no, not cocktail nuts!) or a whole grain cracker with a hard-boiled egg. By the way, you only snack when you have an irresistible appetite and not because you are bored or because you are stressed.

8. Make your own meals

Of course it is easy to order a meal so that you no longer have to stand in the kitchen. The disadvantage of ready meals is that they often contain a lot of salt, unhealthy fats and sugar. Still, cooking yourself is healthier and probably better for your wallet. If you cook too much, you can put it in the freezer so that you always have something healthy at home.

9. Get your head around

Mindlessly gulping down your food while watching TV or texting someone is not a good idea. You will probably chew less often and you will probably eat more. So eat with attention, then you will also know sooner when you have had enough.

10. Breakfast

While some nutritionists will say it’s better to skip breakfast and others argue that it’s your total calorie intake for the day, it might be a good idea to eat breakfast. If only to prevent you from having a huge appetite around lunchtime and therefore only eating more. Eat something with a lot of protein, cottage cheese or something, they satiate longer.

11. No sugar

Drink your coffee and tea without sugar, do not take fruit juices, pass the candy jar, do not drink soft drinks with sugar and avoid canned fruit and sweetened cereals. The same goes for most dressings and sauces. There is often too much sugar in it and you will not lose weight.

12. Party?

If you have a party, you can be sure that there are often tasty snacks and drinks. Make sure you eat well at home. This prevents your hand from disappearing into the bowl of chips or nuts. Of course you can eat something tasty, but look for something responsible. Also make sure you are not too close to the drinks table and snacks. It is also better to avoid soft drinks with sugar and alcohol. A glass of beer often contains 110 kcal. A cocktail much more and is a real calorie bomb.

How much water should you really drink in a day?

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12 tips to lose pounds in a simple way

12 tips to lose pounds in a simple way
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