200 fines and multiple arrests in farmer protests


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In yesterday’s farmers’ protests, police handed out about 200 fines, mostly to people driving on the highway with tractors. That’s what police chief Willem Woelders said in the TV program On 1† According to him, the day of action did not cause major problems on the roads. Blockades on highways were often over quickly.

The protests against the nitrogen policy were mainly at distribution centers of supermarkets. According to Woelders, about fifteen distribution centers in the country were blocked. The ME intervened in Sneek, Heerenveen and Zwolle to end the blockades.

This is what it looked like in Sneek:

Mobile unit deployed at distribution center Sneek

In Sneek, four people were arrested for public violence and blocking the road. In Heerenveen, the mobile unit used tear gas against activists at Lidl’s distribution center. This was done because protesters did not want to leave and pelted the riot police. Three people have been arrested.

The ME was deployed at a distribution center in Zwolle because activists refused to leave after an emergency ordinance. Police said officers were pelted with bottles and a police shovel was destroyed. Six people have been arrested and more arrests may follow.

Not just farmers

In addition to farmers, according to Woelders, fishermen, truck drivers and demonstrators of the action group Nederland in Verzet also participated in blockades. That group organized large demonstrations against the corona measures during the corona pandemic.

It is not yet clear to the police what will happen in the coming days in terms of possible actions. “As a crisis organization, we remain ready,” Woelders said in a statement. “The units make their own picture for the coming days based on the information available. In order to be able to respond quickly to actions if necessary.”

200 fines and multiple arrests in farmer protests
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