#221 ‘As if I’m going through life sober this week?’

Maud finally finds out who put those raunchy things on her doorstep: it was Cherry, her old colleague! She has filed a report against her and is given a period off and paid by her editor-in-chief, even though she is a freelancer. In just over a week she will be going on her first press trip to Germany with two colleagues, but now that she has time off it is time for a surprise: she takes Tommy to a hotel in Amsterdam to surprise him…

Pooh, a weekend in a hotel like this does wonders for your relationship. Tommy turned out to be more than appreciative that I had gone out of my way on my choice of lingerie and sleeping in a ‘strange’ bed also does something to a man. And with me: I almost tore the clothes off his body! We spent one day completely in the hotel room. We ordered food, watched television in bed and tested three or four times whether the bed could handle a little movement, so to speak. I enjoy this so much!

Time for the Amsterdam Dance Event

Tired, but satisfied, we walked out of the hotel on Monday morning. It was actually the perfect timing to do this romantic get-together now, as the Amsterdam Dance Event was just around the corner and I’m going on a press trip on Monday the following week. Tommy was extremely busy. He had to play in a number of small discotheques. I’ve decided to go with him for one party – Wednesday – but want to party on my own the other days. There is finally a lot to do in the city again and to say that I like his DJ sets so much that I only want to listen to them?!

I managed to drag Jessie to two parties in town. Kimberley and Farah were eager to join us for an evening at Awakenings and I decided to go to Elrow on Sunday anyway, even if I had to go alone! Fortunately that turned out not to be necessary; Rochella was able to leave the little one with Levi overnight and turn things upside down. I’ve decided to let go of the Levi thing and not say anything to Rochella about seeing him do drugs again. I mean: like I’m going through life sober this week? Things like this can happen, right?

A few days later I confirm my own train of thought that things like this can happen. Sunday morning I wake up very broke, because I have only partied for the past four days. The only party was more fun than the other. Every time I stayed until the end and secretly I have to admit that I quite like dancing until 00:00; At least that way I got some sleep! Tonight is the closing of ADE and I’m going wild at Elrow! Although I struggle to drag myself out of bed, after a cup of coffee and a sandwich I feel reasonably fresh again and I text Rochella about what we’re doing. I’m going for zebra pants with flair and a bright red top: it’s allowed to be crazy tonight.

Backstage at Elrow

Around 4 pm I arrive at the Kromhouthal in Noord. We step inside and immediately end up in an avalanche of confetti that is poured over the audience. Rochella and I scream and start dancing like crazy. How fun is this?! The DJ plays rousing house with the occasional piece from an old-fashioned hit. It is very hot in the hall, so after an hour and a half we decide to dance continuously to go to the side. At the gate leading to the backstage, a big boy is apparently waiting for someone. His gaze meets ours and I feel a crazy tickle in my stomach. Rochella smiles at him about how famous you have to be to get there. “It’s not that bad. You can go in,” he laughs. I look at him quizzically, but he seems serious. The boy pulls two straps from his pocket. “Put out your arm?!” he shouts.

Maud is a 23-year-old college student who loves to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine and has a friend, Tommy, who she lives with on the Zuidas. You can read about her adventures every week in a new episode of ‘Nachtboek van Maud’.

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#221 ‘As if I’m going through life sober this week?’

#221 'As if I'm going through life sober this week?'
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