#247 ‘He’s right in front of me kissing..’

Maud still lives on a pink cloud by Gio. Still, not everything is a bed of roses; she is still looking for a house in Amsterdam. After spending the day with Rochella helping her with the break-in, she spends a few nights with her father to recover. When she is with her father, she gets a nice text from Gio, he has a surprise planned for her over the Easter weekend! But she also has some missed calls from Tommy and Rochella.

Instead of two nights I spent about the whole week with my father. It was nice and quiet and because I had no distractions from the busy city, I finally had the time to focus on a home. I have seven viewings planned for the next two weeks, so I think it should be fine, I hope!

I think my father thought it was very nice that I lived at home again in the old-fashioned way. By the way, I noticed how much his new girlfriend Patricia is away from home. She has a busier social life than I do! She was out almost every night; zumba, yoga, dinner with friends and much more. I sometimes wonder if my father doesn’t secretly miss my mother a little, but of course he hasn’t said much about that.

Speaking of missing out, I really missed Gio the days I was with my dad! The surprise that followed this weekend was therefore even more fun. The day before I had received messages from Gio with a packing list. A nice festival outfit, sleeping gear, swimming gear and a warm jacket. I especially thought that warm jacket was strange, because the weather would be really nice.

The missed calls from Rochella and Tommy were a bit less pleasant, by the way. Rochella has been unable to sleep well since the break-in and she suffers from panic attacks. Tommy had called with the rather peculiar question; whether I might want to babysit Noa the Saturday before Easter. ‘She keeps talking about you and I have an important meeting on Saturday morning, would you like to go to Artis with her? I pay everything!” said Tommy on the phone. Gio’s surprise was planned for Saturday, but I haven’t told Tommy yet. I said I already had plans, but I’d like to do something fun with Noa next week. How and what are concerns for later.

Gio’s surprise was really fantastic in the end! We first went on a nice boat trip through Amsterdam and then we spent a night in a very nice luxury hotel on the canal. I’ve wanted to sleep there for a long time and I like it so much that Gio remembered that. We had ordered room service and Gio had brought a dessert himself and that consisted of an extensive body to body massage including strawberries and champagne. Bit cheesy, but also very sexy.

The next day there was another surprise on the program, we took the ferry to Amsterdam-Noord and Levi and Rochella and two friends of Gio were waiting for us, because we all went to DGTL Festival! I thought it was sold out, but Gio could have arranged tickets as a surprise. And he thought Rochella and Levi deserved a nice day after that break-in. You can bet we had a great day! The sun was shining, two of my favorite DJs had to play one after the other and we just danced! It’s such a crazy idea that six months ago we weren’t even allowed to go to the gym and that we can all dance together again at a festival. I hope those corona measures never come back!

Time flew by and when DJ finished his set at 11pm, we didn’t feel like going home! One of Gio’s friends remembered an afterparty and if we were in before 00:00, we could still go there for free. The afterparty was in a kind of warehouse in Amsterdam Noord and I was there once before with Tommy been.

Just as we get out of the taxi and want to walk to the entrance, I see a boy and a girl kissing. The girl is wearing the same jacket as me, but that’s not all, I recognize the boy’s jacket, just like his shoes, his hair and his posture! It’s Tommy! And he’s right in front of me kissing a girl who somehow looks familiar! Should I say hello to him? Or just walk past him?

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with her boyfriend Tommy has just ended and Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam. Every week you read her adventures in a new episode from Maud’s Night Book.

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#247 ‘He’s right in front of me kissing…’

#247 'He's right in front of me kissing..'
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