3300 weapons surrendered during street knife action

3300 weapons were surrendered in a large knife surrender campaign. This concerns, for example, machetes, butterfly knives, kitchen knives and homemade stabbing weapons, but also almost 500 firearms.

no punishment

Last week, young people in more than 200 municipalities were able to drop their knife or stabbing weapon in a container. They did so anonymously and were not punished. When the submission campaign started, we made this video:

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Police say stabbings are on the rise. Young people and sometimes even children more often have a knife with them. That is dangerous, because if young people have a knife with them, they are more likely to use it. The police hope that it will now be a bit safer on the street.


Some mayors want a knife ban throughout the Netherlands. Politicians are already working on it. In November it was announced that there will be a ban for anyone under the age of 18. That law is not finished yet.

3300 weapons surrendered during street knife action
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