5 Fundamental Services You Need To Know About PDFBear

We are all aware of how PDF converters work, but how about we take it to the next level? If you are thinking about a converter capable of performing complex tasks, PDFBear is all you need. PDF files have been widely used worldwide, mainly for professionals and entrepreneurs. It is because of its accessibility and lightweight characteristics.

Aside from its ‘read-only’ feature, PDF files could be accessed on almost any device, anytime and anywhere, especially for students who are always worried about the safety and security of their files. Luckily, PDFBear initiated these concerns even before you think about it. With the user-friendly interface, PDF file formats are highly recommended for formal and professional presentations.

This article will tour you to the essential services PDFBear provides.

All-around File Converter

Despite its name, PDFBear converter is capable of performing sophisticated tasks other than just converting files. With the basic steps, you can easily convert any type of file you want by just following simple steps:

  • PDFBear provides features Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to PPT, and more for document conversions. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities and arrangement of your files because PDFBear will give you promising results.
  • For texts and images, PDFBear performs complex tasks such as HTML to PDF, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, etc.
  • PDFBear is also a tool for merging two files, splitting pdf pages, deleting unnecessary pages, compressing PDF files, and more. Anything that you want to do about your file is available on PDFBear.

Convert Your Files Instantly

Nothing compares when you have a tool that can manage your request efficiently. Time is the most precious element in this world that will cost you satisfaction when used ineffectively. With PDFBear’s advanced internal feature, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time waiting.

All you have to do is enter the PDFBear website. There you will find numerous options and pre-installed file formats. Choose which type of file and services you wanted to enjoy and click the “Select Files” button. Wait for a few seconds after uploading your file while PDFBear processes your document. As simple as that, you can now have your file in no time.

Produce High-quality Files

Of course, you will always be thinking about the quality of your file. Well, we care about your comfort and satisfaction. That is why PDFBear is making sure that you will never regret the results of your files, whether it is a Word document file, PPT, Images, and Hypertexts.

For instance, document files like Excel with sophisticated format are converted into PDF. Unlike any other PDF converters, PDFBear will always make sure that the formatting of your file will remain as is. Regardless of how complicated the file may seem, PDFBear always looks forward to your better experience.

No Additional Installations

Making sure about the security of our files is what we are always worried about. With no additional installation feature of PDFBear, you don’t have to worry about getting your files at risk. One potential reason for corrupted files is the third-party interface of other converters.

Additionally, PDFBear’s unique features also include an advertisement-free environment. We can’t deny the fact that nothing is more reassuring than peaceful browsing. With no interruptions and annoying ads, you will have peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of PDFBear.

Other Advanced Features

Now, this is one of the reasons why PDFBear is on the top of the line than any other converters. Not only could it convert files, but it also has specialized and advanced features to entirely fulfill your satisfaction. Here’s how:

Repair PDF files

Broken files can also cause huge trouble, especially if it is an important file. That is why PDFBear adds additional advanced features that repair any corrupted files—also ensures that the content of your file remains safe while fixing your document. Just follow these three simple steps: Select files, Upload, and Download. As easy as that, you can be reunited with your file with no worries.

Add Watermark

It will add so much excitement and a feeling of enthusiasm if you have a personalized touch of your file. That is why PDFBear initiates adding a watermark to your file for a more authentic and artistic effect.


E-sign is one of the essential elements in formal documents like certificates, approval sheets, and recommendation letters. Rest assuring the credibility of your paper and also will provide you a more formal and presentable file.


Nothing can make you more satisfied and complete than having all of the features mentioned above in one place. Especially if you are a student or a professional, you will need not more than one place to be effective.

PDFBear is all you need to make any PDF-related changes and enhancements. You don’t have to worry about wasted time and hassle. All you have to do is visit PFBear, and let it do the rest.

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