5 tips to protect your phone and laptop from hackers

The number of cyber attacks is increasing. Hackers are more active than ever. This is evident from figures from Check Point Research (CPR). In May this year, the weekly average of attacks was 780 per organization in Europe, compared to 643 at the beginning of the year. That is an increase of 21 percent.

How can you best protect your devices, such as your phone and laptop? Subway asks Esther Mieremet, project leader at

Tips to protect your device from hackers

5 tips to beat cybercriminals:

1. Use a secure password and two-step verification

To protect your devices against hackers as best as possible, it is best to set different passwords per account. The length is the most important. Set a password of at least 12 characters. Do you want to protect your account even better? Then use a two-step verification. For example, on an iPhone you can set up a Face ID, a PIN and then a thumbprint. If your password does get hacked, you are safe with this second security step.

2. Don’t delay your updates

Is there a new update available on your device? Then install it immediately. The software on your device will become obsolete if you don’t update. Hackers know this and may take advantage of it by getting into your home network. Once they have access to one device, they can access other devices through your home network. So it’s high time to install that one update that you’ve been putting off for months. Beeped so. Tip: set up an automatic update and power up your device. When you are sleeping, your device will be automatically updated. Don’t forget to regularly update the applications on your smartphone.

3. Use a virus scan

Install a virus scan on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Such a scan checks your device for viruses, malware and malicious apps. At Apple this is automatically included in the operating system, a virus scan is now supplied with a Microsoft device. The following also applies: if you receive a message to update your virus scanner, do that! If you delay it for a week, you will be unsafe for a week.

4. Make a backup

The last thing you want is to lose all your files. Therefore, make use of a backup as much as possible. If it does go wrong, you don’t have to restart everything. One of the possibilities is that you put everything in the cloud externally, so through a company that stores your files. But you can also do it yourself by attaching a hard drive to your computer.

5. Check first, then click

Be suspicious of the internet. Does something seem too good to be worth? Then it probably is. A fake link can lead you to a website that seems safe, but isn’t. Will you be asked for your login details, such as your password and username? If you give it away, hackers can log into your account, with which they can, for example, steal your money. So always be careful and check if a link is correct. You can do that via check link.

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5 tips to protect your phone and laptop from hackers

5 tips to protect your phone and laptop from hackers
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