5 very strong films and series that appeared in week 23

Also in week 23 of 2021, the necessary new films and series have appeared on Netflix. Since this week you can watch the comeback of lupin, a food documentary in which everything disappears into the deep-fat fryer, sleepless nights and more.

Good news! lupin is back on Netflix. After an exciting first half, it is now time for the second part of season one. Furthermore, Netflix comes with the delicious, but not exactly healthy documentary Fresh, Fried & Crispy and the thriller wake in which humanity can suddenly no longer sleep, with all the consequences that entails. Fortunately there is with skater girl and Wish Dragon plenty of feel good and humor too.

New on Netflix in week 23

1. Lupine (season 1, part 2)

Genre: drama

We haven’t had many successful Netflix Originals from France yet, but with lupin the streaming service has an immediate hit. The ever charming Omar Sy managed to win over all viewers in the role of Assane. Now we finally get the second part of the first season. Stylish master thief Assane still wants to get revenge on Hubert Pellegrini, but it hasn’t gotten any easier after the thrilling cliffhanger of Season One.

2. Fresh, Fried & Crispy (season 1)

Genre: documentary

Daym Drops is a food critic and bon vivant, so when Netflix knocked on his door for a food documentary, he didn’t have to think twice. In Fresh, Fried & Crispy travels this smiley foody through America and visits America’s sweetest addresses. There is, however, a clear theme, and that is that the chip shop is central. From a peach on a stick to oysters, lobster, pork chop, cheesesteaks and more. Everything disappears in the hot oil and comes out delicious.

3. Awake

Genre: thriller

When all power goes out, the world panics slightly. What they don’t know is that this is the start of a much bigger disaster. It doesn’t take long for everyone to notice what’s really going on. When night falls, humanity finds that they can no longer sleep. Everyone is in danger and must look for a solution. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the effects of sleep deprivation. In the Netflix Original wake society falls into chaos and we see how a young mother does everything she can to keep her daughter, who is the only one who can sleep, from the clutches of evil people.

4. Skater Girl

Genre: drama

Prerna is a young teenager from a remote village in India. This means she has few choices. Her life is bound by tradition and duty to her parents. Self-fulfillment isn’t there until London’s Jessica arrives in the village. In the Netflix Original skater girl she takes Prerna under her wing and introduces the village to the skateboard. The youth in the village literally grabs the board with both hands. Prerna turns out to be extremely talented and wants to make her dream come true by participating in the skateboard championships. Unfortunately, this does not really fit in with social expectations.

5. Wish Dragon

Genre: animation

In their youth, Din and Li Na were two hands on one stomach, but a difference in social class put an end to that. Yet Din has never given up hope. Fortunately for him, he gets help from an unexpected source when he finds a teapot. In this lives an ancient dragon that can grant wishes. With his help, Din tries to get back to Li Na, but meanwhile criminals prey on the magical teapot. In short; an exciting and above all entertaining Netflix animation film for the whole family.

Last week on Netflix

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5 movies and series that appeared on Netflix in week 23: Lupine and more

5 very strong films and series that appeared in week 23
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