6 tips to sleep well when it’s so hot

After a lot of rain comes sunshine and we know that in the Netherlands these days. Summer is here! And after months of sitting inside with a rug on the couch, it’s high time for something different. Minus the clammy nights then. No one is happy with sleeping in the heat.

With these 6 tips you keep your head (and body) cool during the hot days.

Sleeping in the heat

From sunbathing in the garden to trips to the beach and a cozy picnic in the park: we can fully enjoy the nice weather again. And deserved. A downside is that it is also very hot at night.

Although sleeping on top of your sheets (instead of under them) makes a difference, it is still not the ideal situation. no worries, with these 6 tips you will come a long way.

1. Leave the bedroom door open

Leave the bedroom door open at night. To allow the air to flow, it is wise to open windows and doors against each other. What is perhaps even nicer is to open a window in another room (for example the hall or bathroom) so that a breeze is created.

Smart: put something against the open door so that it doesn’t suddenly slam shut while you are sleeping in the heat. Oh, and keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day.

2. Switch poses

You know it: you can’t sleep and you just keep turning. There is nothing more annoying than being restless! What can work in those moments is finding a new attitude. And we’re talking about switching from top to bottom, so moving your pillow to the end of the bed.

3. A wet towel

Maybe you know the trick: with a wet towel you can create a kind of air conditioning effect. How? Very simple, hang a wet towel in front of an open window or a fan. The air that flows through it becomes cooler because of the wet towel. Very nice, believe us.

Take a look at your bedding

4. Breathable materials

You may not think about it while you are sleeping in the heat, but take a look at your bedding too. Sheets of, for example, polyester tend to retain heat and to be water-repellent. As soon as you sweat – which does happen these days – it stays on your skin.

What you should choose are airy, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. And you can also find them at Ikea or H&M.

5. The right preparation

You can also make the necessary preparations before going to sleep in the heat. Keeping your wrists and feet under cold water, for example. Taking a cold or lukewarm shower or drinking a hot tea (yes, really) also works. Bonus tip: your pillowcase in the freezer before you go to sleep is also very nice.

6. Fan with ice

A similar trick you can use to sleep in the heat than with a wet towel is the ice fan. Place a container of ice in front of the fan (in other words, position the fan so that it blows over a container of ice) and your room will cool down a lot. Exactly what we need.

Do you want to keep your house a little cool during the day, but there is no air conditioning? Then click here.

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6 tips to sleep well when it's so hot
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