6 Ways Free Mobile Apps Make Money in 2022

The mobile application market has some advantages, such as that anyone can develop an app in their home with few resources and upload it to the app stores with little to no expenses. But publishing an application is one thing, and for it to be successful is another. Therefore, application design service providers don’t just have to build a great application, but also have to plan on how to market it in the post-publishing phase.

Being well-positioned at the top of downloads the first few days is essential for users to find an application, because the search on both Google Play and the iOS App Store has many limitations.

In the world of mobile phone applications, less is more

This maximum is met in all aspects: it is preferable that they occupy less space since the phones have less capacity than a PC, they are expected to consume fewer resources so that they can run smoothly on the device. In addition, the graphics package should be lighter, not to saturate the screen with unnecessary elements.

Another aspect in which this works best is the price. If an application for smartphones is paid, it will have to compete with many similar applications of a lower price or directly free. There is the secret of the app development business: those that are free produce more money and are downloaded more than paid apps.

1. Make Freemium applications and upsell

Every application design service understands that this tool is the most used to create apps of this type. Although freemium applications are free, they have a purchase option. In other words, this tool gives you limited freedom when downloading the application. Here the trick is that people download for free and can use it, and if they like and want to have the full version of the application, they have the option to buy it.

One of the advantages of this is that people can download it, and if they don’t like to delete it, they won’t have spent anything. Otherwise, if you have to pay, it will be more difficult for you to decide to download it because you will not be sure of what you will have.

On the other hand, only a low percentage of people may become buyers of the full version of the application. But to avoid this and find a balance point, you must have a good marketing strategy. You can also use this website https://jatapp.com/services/mobile-app-development-services/, for example, to find solutions for every purpose you pursue.

2. Monetize Your App With In-App Purchases

This option can generate good profits since it allows users to buy more of something they need or perhaps unlock some function they want.

Of course, for this to work great, the app must be worth it. This way, people will be tempted to buy points, coins, subscriptions, or whatever to keep moving forward or get more benefits in the application. And it is here, in purchases within the application, where you can earn significant sums of money.

3. Use Ads To Generate Revenue

You might think that ads are not the best way to make money, but it has been proven that they do work and are an option encouraged by application design service vendors. The only thing is that you need to have good traffic for them to fulfill their function and you can see good profits. To be able to do this well, you need to join profitable ad networks. In that case, Apple’s iAds is the one that pays the best, compared to Admob, which is from Google.

The thing is more or less like this: for every 100 downloads, you can earn approximately $2. Of course, this amount can increase depending on the total number of people who click on your ad, as well as the kind of advertisements you have. So, contrary to what you might think, having ads in the application does work. Of course, you must be prepared to make good and correct marketing of everything that is around your app.

4. Seek Third-party Partnerships

To be able to get sponsorship, you must have a good application. Maybe even one that already has a good number of downloads and a time in the market. This will undoubtedly get the attention of any sponsor. What you should do is offer the sponsor your application or your application idea, your update plans, or improvement plans.

The advantage is that it is probably the sponsor already has a web page built, traffic, subscribers, etc. That is, a whole marketing system, and we all know what this implies when promoting an article.

5. Use Affiliate Programs

This system already has a long time in operation on the web and is endorsed by application design service providers, basically consisting of giving promotions and selling someone else’s products making profits for it. And among the products that can be marketed, are the apps.

6. Promote Other Apps

It is very common to see how, in certain apps, there is a promotion of other apps. To do this, it is necessary to use an ad network, this is the one that decides which of the ads is going to give promotion, and the publisher receives profits when someone installs it, or, clicks on the ad.

When it comes to making affiliate trade, something similar is done, since being the publisher decides what apps you are going to promote. In addition, the profit obtained is greater.

In Conclusion

It is becoming easier to make money with apps due to the multiple forms of monetization. An app can be monetized just like a web page. It is also an asset, and you can sell it whenever you want


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