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A good night’s sleep is important, but not everyone can afford it. These gadgets give you more insight into your sleeping behavior and help you on your way to dreamland.

Smartphones have evolved enormously in recent years and have gradually acquired more and more health functions. Different sensors monitor various body processes and in collaboration with smartphone and apps you can gain a good insight into your sleeping behaviour.

For example, both Apple and Samsung are placing more and more emphasis on measuring your actions during the day and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. For example, when users wear the Galaxy Watch 4 on their wrist all day, they can monitor their sleep patterns. A paired smartphone recognizes the sound of snoring and measures the oxygen level of the blood during sleep. Based on this information, smartwatch wearers get directions on how to rest better.

All Fitbits also have sleep tracking, which tracks heart rate variability during the night to determine how long you are in light, deep and REM sleep. The Fitbit Sense also measures oxygen saturation in the blood during the night and helps you detect signs of sleep apnea. If a potential problem is spotted, the Fitbit app can create a report that you can share with your doctor.

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Headband or Ring

Don’t feel like wearing a smartwatch while sleeping? There are also other gadgets that help with the night’s sleep. The Muse S is a soft headband that monitors brain activity through your skin, as well as tracking movement, heart rate and skin temperature. This band uses this data to guide you during so-called meditation sessions during the day and provides you with a detailed sleep registration at night. The Muse S connects via Bluetooth to the Muse app on your phone and cradles you until you fall asleep using soft soundscapes and relaxing stories. The Muse S is therefore a sleep tracker, mindfulness gadget and meditation training tool in one.

A lot more subtle is the Oura Ring, you guessed it; a smart ring that helps you balance your activity and sleep to improve your overall health. It monitors your movements and heart rate during the day, but only really comes into its own at night. The Ring measures your heart rate very often and accurately and creates a useful picture of your sleeping patterns. After a few nights, the Oura establishes a so-called baseline and requests information from the user to improve sleep. In this way, the ring detects whether there are aspects of your sleeping behavior that you should pay attention to. For example, you may go to bed too late, or it may take a very long time to fall asleep after you lie down for the night. The Ring can spot all this.

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No sleeping gadgets on your body

Don’t feel like carrying a gadget with you while sleeping? The Withings Sleep Analyzer is a gray mat that you slide under your regular mattress to monitor your sleep quality. With the help of an app, the Withings Sleep keeps track of numerous statistics, including the different phases of your sleep, your heart rate, the time you snore and the duration of your sleep.

Google is also full of sleep. For example, the latest Nest Hub – a smart screen with all kinds of options for your smart home – has various sleeping functions. The Sleep Sensing feature tracks motion and sound to determine how you sleep. You can then see when you went to bed, what time you woke up and how long you slept. Every morning you can view a sleep summary on your Nest Hub or ask (with your voice) ‘Hey Google, how did I sleep last night?

You can set the Nest Hub’s screen to help you wake up quietly with relaxing sounds. When you go to bed, the light from the screen is dimmed. If you also install Google Fit on your smartphone, the Nest Hub and your smartphone conveniently combine all kinds of information about your sleep and your movements during the day, giving you input on how to live healthier and sleep better.

A better night’s sleep? These sleep gadgets monitor your sleep | Tech
Source link A better night’s sleep? These sleep gadgets monitor your sleep | Tech

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