A dream vacation for experienced cyclists with Stephanie Ventures

After going alone on several life-changing journeys along the European bike path, Stefanie Scott decided to bring together like-minded travelers to take part in future cycling vacations. She founded Stephanie Ventures in 2015 and has been bringing cyclists from her hometown of California to Europe ever since.

Gather the foreign community and have fun on two wheels

Early on, the idea was fostered that her bike tour startup might one day offer an opportunity to live in Europe. After years of successful tours, the tricky waters of DAFT visas, and fast-forwarding pandemics, expatriates Stephanie and Stephanie Ventures can call the Netherlands home! While she’s excited to reunite with her loyal US tour client, Stephanie is eager to join the expatriate community to enjoy on two wheels.

Travel the Netherlands by bicycle and barge

Initially, the concept of traveling by bicycle and barge was intriguing to her, and ultimately that was the direction she pursued. It was an unfamiliar concept for most of her circles, but she persuaded them to come together for a ride. Barges may have had a humble beginning to carry coal and grain, but freight barges began to decline in popularity as goods began to travel by more railroads.

Visit the entrepreneurial and kind Dutch sailors who turned some into cozy cruise ships and brought them new life. A new era of travel was born. The smaller ones provide a lot of convenience for cycling travelers.

With the paving of former towpaths and railroad tracks and the formation of a network of bike paths, Europe has become the ultimate destination for scenic and safe travel. Ideally, let your floating hotel sail when you ride. At the end of your ride, you are in a new location, and your things are right where you left them in your cabin!

Stephanie Ventures Guided Cycling Trip

Dream vacation for experienced cyclists

If you are an experienced cyclist who is willing to leave the planning to an expert, this may be your dream vacation! Upon arriving at the barge for check-in, a touring bike of your size is waiting for you, along with a guide who can make adjustments to ensure a comfortable ride. Your welcome crew will guide you to settle down in your cabin before you meet with fellow travelers at a delicious 3-course dinner, which is one of the many included meals you enjoy together. increase.

Daily breakfast servings are often a delicious selection of hot and cold dishes that reflect local cuisine. You can pack your lunch and rely on your bike guide for the perfect place to stop by for a picnic later.

Stephanie Ventures Cycling Trip

Bike routes are designed with landscapes, locations, photography and typical coffee breaks (or pastries or ice cream) in mind. When you finally rejoin the boat crew, you will usually be in a new town.

You can relax in the lounge or deck until the chef rings the dinner bell and sits down for a well-earned meal and lively conversation. After dinner, you can take a walk in the historic center of the town with your guide.

Enjoy wine and specialties in each region

Stephanie Ventures Tour offers some fun surprises. When creating her tour, Stephanie loves to take advantage of her previous experience of wine and specialty dishes to introduce guests to the region’s specialties. She can visit local farmers, cheesemakers, artists, beekeepers, winemakers and millers to explain their old traditions and try out the results.

Find out more on the Stephanie Ventures website

Check out the company homepage for their tour calendar on the Stephanie Ventures website. Follow The Ventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Stephanie Ventures Cycling Trip Vineyard

A dream vacation for experienced cyclists with Stephanie Ventures

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