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You have a powerful PC at home but it still doesn’t look quite like your favorite streamers? With these parts you make sure that your gaming machine looks flashy.

First and foremost: PC games require a good, nice and fast computer, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. And if you want to take your roommates into account, a good headset is also not a superfluous luxury. But the eye also wants something and the time of boring, gray plastic containers under or on your desk is a bit over. We help you in this article to do something about it.

Let there be light: LED strips and colors
The cheapest way to enrich your gaming PC and environment a bit are RGB LED strips. You can get these from 15 euros, with prices rising to above 100 euros. You can stick these LED strips under or around your monitor, subtly on the side of your PC, or – if you have a PC with a glass side – on the inside of your PC.

That looks very funky, especially if the colors match, for example, the blue or purple lights of your gaming mouse and/or keyboard. You can buy cheap strips from unknown brands, but they are also available from Philips Hue, for example. In the latter case, you pay substantially more, but they can be linked to your smart home.

Proudly display the inside of your PC
If you are building or having a gaming PC built, you can buy a PC case with a glass side so you can see all the components properly. This offers all kinds of possibilities. For example, you can purchase all your fans and cables in the same color (red or blue, for example) from special suppliers. The SSD drive, the graphics card and all kinds of separate parts all require power and the standard power cables can be replaced with versions in many colors.

Some cases are constructed in such a way that they come directly with built-in RGB fans with which you can control the rainbow lights from the inside yourself. Well-known brands of PC cases are Sharkoon, Corsair, Cooler Master and MSI. In addition, you can also buy separate RGB fans to install colors in your existing PC.

With RGB, the inside of your PC looks like a rainbow. © ThinkStock

Water-cooled PCs
If you want to go one step further, you can also cool your PC with water coolers. Instead of air cooling, you can put all-in-one water coolers in your PC and these days they also come with funky RGB lights and in some cases even with an LCD screen. Water coolers use liquid to transport the heat. The heat is transported to the radiator, where it then passes through small channels that transfer the heat to metal fins. Fans then blow/suck air through these fins, after which the heat is dissipated and the temperature of the water drops.

If you want to make it look even more spectacular, you can also work with complete tubes and a pump system. Then the inside of your PC starts to look like a kind of mini water pipe system in which the pump, the tubes and the liquid are all illuminated if desired.

Water-cooled PCs are especially interesting for gamers who want to overclock their existing system, where they boost the hardware of their PC, as with scooters and mopeds. This releases a lot of extra heat and the water cooling should compensate for that. Various parties offer ready-to-use water-cooled game PCs, such as the Liquid Series from PCSpecialist.

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A rainbow in your game room: this is how you make a gaming PC flashy | Tech
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