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A smartphone does not always have to cost thousands of euros. Do you want a model of no more than 500 euros? We list the best options.

Every two months we look at the best smartphones of the moment together with the editors of tech site Tweakers. In previous articles we looked at the best models of at most 200 or 350 euros. This time we are going up another price range, within which three recommendations can be found.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Galaxy A52 © Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy A52 convinces mainly because it is such a nice total package, with some features that you do not expect in this price segment. For example, the device has a good water resistance rating and the primary camera is equipped with optical image stabilization for better photos at night, which is not obvious. You can also take good pictures during the day.

The OLED screen refreshes at 120 frames per second for smooth animations and has HDR support, high brightness and excellent color reproduction. The battery life is relatively long under all circumstances. Is there nothing to complain about then? Yes: the processor is slower compared to about half of the competitors in this class. You will notice this especially with intensive tasks; however, navigating the operating system is smooth.

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone SE (2020) © Apple

The iPhone SE is simply the cheapest recent iPhone you can buy. The biggest advantage of this device is that you can use it for a long time, because the A13 processor is fast and Apple supports devices for a long time. Another reason to recommend the SE is that it is very compact for a 2020 phone and we know there are enthusiasts for that.

Although it has a good camera, a telephoto camera and ultra-wide angle camera are absent and the primary camera is less good in low light than the camera of, for example, the iPhone 11. The battery life of other recent iPhones is also better and many competitors have an OLED screen with higher contrast . For an LCD, however, the screen performs well, also in terms of maximum brightness.

In general, it is a nice device for a nice price. It would be wise to spend a few bucks extra for a 128GB variant.

OnePlus 8T

8T © OnePlus

This device has fallen to this price category and has even been available for a short time for 400 euros. The advantage of this smartphone is, as is often the case with OnePlus, the fast operation of the device. The software is also a highlight, with good adjustability and clarity.

It also has a screen that refreshes at 120 frames per second. The biggest drawback is that the OnePlus 8T does not have a telephoto camera and that the ultra-wide-angle lens is disappointing in moderate light. Nevertheless, in practice it is a very pleasant smartphone.

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A smartphone for a maximum of 500 euros? These are the best options | Tech
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