Abbey naked on a chair and fruity Romee is ready for summer | Show

ShowbytesShort updates from the stars on social media: we love them. In the Showbytes section, the show editors scour the web for you for the craziest, most beautiful and striking posts by famous Dutch people and celebrities. This item will be renewed during the day.

The fruity top model Romee Strijd can’t wait for summer to start again.

What could be more fun as a football mom than wearing the same outfit as your son? Not, says the presenter Shelly Strong.

Fans of Maan de Steenwinkel and Fast attention. The two will release a single together on Friday.

The buttons could no longer be closed, so the presenter decided Marlin Weerdenburg to go to work like that.

Thanks to our girlfriend Sophia we now know a singer Rolf Sanchez as a morning ritual.

There is a light spring sun, so actress decided Abbey Hoes that she could sit naked on a chair.

Diederik Jekel sees a bright spot from the corona pandemic; he ran into his new love.

Everyone looks beautiful with five layers of make-up, but underneath it can also hide a top model, argues Holland’s Next Top Model-winner Loiza Lamers.

Handy cutting tip from Kim Feenstra for new mothers: you can do for days with a small bottle of mulled wine, because you are already tipsy after a few sips.

Chantal Janzen takes her pink bathrobe out of the closet and trains on a new, somewhat questionable, parenting method.

Georgina Verbaan is a little worried because her best friend Patrick Martens appears to be suffering from amnesia.

Kim K├Âtter now uses her Instagram profile as a countdown calendar for the birth of her third son.

Rachel Hazes brightens up her tanning bed brown look with a reddish-pink glow today.

Abbey naked on a chair and fruity Romee is ready for summer | Show
Source link Abbey naked on a chair and fruity Romee is ready for summer | Show

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