ACM campaign helps older people to search more securely online

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Elderly people who search for something on the Internet are not always aware that companies pay to come to the top of the list of search results. While many consumer problems start with an online search and clicking on an ad that leads to an untrustworthy party. In a poll by ANBO, one in three people over 65 say that they are not aware of this. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is starting a campaign to make older consumers more aware of this.

Clicking on a paid search result does not have to be a problem, but such an advertisement can also lead to an unreliable party. In the campaign, ACM warns that the top search result is not always the best. The top search results are usually advertisements and therefore not always the best offer for the consumer. ACM’s advice is therefore: take the time to compare the various results before you engage a company. Even if it has to be done quickly.

Edwin van Houten, Consumers Director of ACM: “It is important that consumers can search for information online with confidence. This campaign aims to recognize advertisements next to the other search results. Especially if you need something quickly, it is important to look carefully, compare and then choose carefully. This prevents you from ending up with an unreliable party and receiving an unexpectedly high bill afterwards.”

Not all consumers recognize advertisements when they search for information online. Especially if they are in a hurry. ACM ConsuWijzer regularly receives reports from consumers who ended up with an unreliable party via an advertisement when they were looking for a company for an urgent job or applied for a document or allowance from the government. These ads pose a risk to vulnerable consumers who are less digitally skilled, such as some older people.

ACM campaign helps older people to search more securely online
Source link ACM campaign helps older people to search more securely online

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