ACM imposes stricter rules on online sellers

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Online sellers must adhere to stricter rules so that consumers are better protected when they buy something on a website or platform, reports the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). For example, fake reviews are no longer allowed and consumers must be better informed by sellers when they receive a personalized offer. ACM will check that these rules, which take effect on Saturday, are being complied with.

Online platforms and marketplaces, such as or Marktplaats, on which other companies offer products, must also tell consumers more clearly who they are doing business with, which party is responsible for what and who consumers can turn to in case of problems. This information must be “in an accessible place in an understandable way”, the ACM writes.

Before making a purchase, companies must inform consumers about offers that are personally tailored to the consumer. These can be based on, for example, previous purchases or searches.

Furthermore, the platforms should better tell consumers how they deal with reviews that are posted, such as checking the reviews and indicating whether someone has been paid to write the review.

Consumer protection rules will also apply if consumers buy something online for which they do not pay with money, but with their personal data. Even then, a consumer is entitled to “all relevant information” before purchasing something and to a cooling-off period.

ACM imposes stricter rules on online sellers
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