Advice to government: ‘Invest faster in green energy and re-examine nuclear energy and biomass’

Additional power production is needed to make the industry more sustainable. That extra need for electricity could rise to 130 terawatt hours per year.

In order to become more sustainable, Dutch industry needs an amount of electricity in the long term that is almost certainly higher than the current electricity consumption of the entire country. This is stated in a report Roadmap Electrification, which was drawn up by TKI (Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation Industry), engineering firm DNV and TNO and handed over to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate on Thursday.

Climate law

According to the Climate Act, Dutch industry must be climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to switch from fossil fuels such as natural gas to clean energy, such as renewable electricity and sustainably produced hydrogen. „If we take the CO2If you want to drastically reduce emissions from Dutch industry by electrification, then a huge amount of extra generation capacity is needed,” according to the report.

The government must play an important role as ‘initiator and director’

The additional power requirement can be up to 130 terawatt hours per year. That is three to four times more than what the industry now consumes annually. According to Statistics Netherlands, the Netherlands consumed 111 terawatt hours last year. According to the report, additional wind turbines would have to be built in the North Sea for this, and the use of nuclear energy and the use of biomass plants would have to be reconsidered.

By 2030, electrical sources should be able to supply at least 30 terawatt hours. To achieve this objective, the researchers propose that subsidies for sustainability be used for this purpose. The networks for electricity and hydrogen also need to be worked on quickly: “Decisions are needed by 2022 at the latest on additional large-scale upgrading of the electricity networks and further strengthening of the national hydrogen infrastructure.”

The researchers further emphasize that ‘intensive cooperation’ of all parties involved is needed to reach decisions. For the government, they see ‘an important role as initiator and director’ here.

The Netherlands is ‘well positioned’ to guide the switch from industry to electricity, due to its favorable location by the sea and the natural gas network, which can be used for hydrogen. “The Netherlands therefore has a unique opportunity to lead the way, making use of its highly educated, high-quality knowledge base and great innovative strength in the field of energy and industry.”

Advice to government: ‘Invest faster in green energy and re-examine nuclear energy and biomass’
Source link Advice to government: ‘Invest faster in green energy and re-examine nuclear energy and biomass’

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