Afghan families bring summary proceedings against the Netherlands

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Four Afghan families have filed summary proceedings against the Netherlands. The family members demand that the Netherlands evacuate them from Afghanistan as soon as possible, according to their lawyer Barbara Wegelin.

All families are on the evacuation list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but have now heard nothing from the Dutch authorities, says Wegelin. It concerns a total of seventeen people, including ten children. Three of the four families are related to an interpreter who has worked for the Netherlands. It is also a sister of a Dutch Afghanistan veteran. “It is terribly bad there. They are in hiding and something has to be done now,” says Wegelin.

One family all has passports, the family members of the other three families do not all have them. “It’s almost impossible to get passports in Afghanistan right now,” Wegelin said. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it cannot evacuate people without passports. But the Netherlands can do a lot of things, or at least try. It is now exactly three months after the last evacuation flight on August 26. I want to know what concrete efforts have been made to get those people out of there, because I don’t think the Netherlands is pulling out all the stops.”

At the beginning of November, the group announced that it would go to court if they did not receive an answer to their demand within two weeks. At that time it concerned a group of 240 Afghans. Some of them did receive an offer for evacuation, others did not, according to Wegelin. With the summary proceedings, the lawyer now wants to force the families to be evacuated within two weeks of the judge’s ruling. The hearing date will be announced on Friday.

Afghan families bring summary proceedings against the Netherlands
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