Afghans initiate summary proceedings against the Netherlands for evacuation

In summary proceedings, four Afghan families demand that the Netherlands evacuate them from Afghanistan within two weeks. They were told by the State Department that they are eligible for evacuation, but they have not yet been removed from Afghanistan. According to their lawyers, they are in mortal danger and therefore there is not a day to lose.

In total there are seventeen people. This includes people who do not have a passport, but only an Afghan identity card. So far, the Netherlands has not been able to evacuate people without a passport, but according to the lawyers, it is indeed possible.

These include three sisters of an interpreter who came to the Netherlands in 2015. “They have received threatening letters from the Taliban, talking about their brother’s work,” says lawyer Barbara Wegelin. “The State Department has acknowledged that they are at risk by putting them on the evacuation list, but they have not heard from the Ministry since mid-October.”

One-time travel documents

In addition, the case is brought by a women’s rights activist, the sister of a Dutch Afghanistan veteran. The group of Afghans announced three weeks ago that they would go to court if the Netherlands did not evacuate them quickly. Part of the group has since been evacuated, but the four families that are now filing the summary proceedings are still in Afghanistan.

At the end of October, outgoing Foreign Minister Knapen said that it is virtually impossible to evacuate Afghans without a passport, but the lawyers are fighting that. They say that, for example, one-off travel documents can be issued, so-called laissez-passers. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that is impossible. In addition, the ministry states that it is already doing everything possible to evacuate as many Afghans as possible.

Thinking out of the box

Still, according to lawyer Wegelin, there is more that can be done. “In August, there was constant talk about thinking out of the box and creative solutions. We no longer see that, while other countries manage to evacuate people without a passport. The Americans have made agreements with Qatar, the Germans with Pakistan. The Netherlands is lagging behind.”

There is no date for the summary judgment yet.

Afghans initiate summary proceedings against the Netherlands for evacuation
Source link Afghans initiate summary proceedings against the Netherlands for evacuation

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