After B&B debacle: Jacob still finds love | Stars

It soon became clear to Jacob that there was a click with Monica, Jennie, Anita or Segrun. In fact, the bed and breakfast manager and the four participants who had traveled to Albufeira to find their true Jacob were diametrically opposed.

Jacob tells about this in the latest edition of weekly magazine Privately: „There are things spoken to me that the dogs do not like bread. (…) On the broadcast I hear Jennie say: ‘What a jerk he is’. That was when they went home. Totally unfounded for her to say such a thing. You should know that it hurt me when I saw that on television. They were even meaner than they appeared to be…”

A woman in the Netherlands closely followed Jacob’s disappointing love affair and decided to climb into the digital pen. “She wrote to me that she really liked and my love for animals attracted her. Since I was in the middle of shooting, I replied that I couldn’t make it to respond to her message. I didn’t know how the program would run. A day after the four women had left, I approached her and asked if she would like to come over. And she has been.”

For privacy reasons, Jacob does not want to name his new flame yet. However, he emphasizes that her visit was “very pleasant” and that she will come by again for a few days to help in the B&B.

After B&B debacle: Jacob still finds love | Stars
Source link After B&B debacle: Jacob still finds love | Stars

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