Again fewer people in legal debt restructuring

In 2020, almost 14 thousand people were covered by the Debt Restructuring of Natural Persons Act (Wsnp) and 2 995 people were admitted to the Wsnp. That is 1 645 less than the year before.

The downward trend already started in 2011; that year another 14.7 thousand people entered debt restructuring. Since then, the annual influx into the Wsnp has decreased by almost 80 percent until 2020. This trend may have to do with the entry into force of the Municipal Debt Assistance Act (Wgs) in 2012. Better economic conditions, up to the start of the corona crisis in March 2020, may also have had an effect on the declining influx.

In 2020, 7.9 thousand debt restructuring processes were ended by the court, a year earlier that was 20 percent more.

Effect of the corona crisis on inflow

The corona crisis very likely also had an effect on the Wsnp case law in 2020. From mid-March, physical hearings were hardly or not at all possible. The month of April had the lowest inflow to the Wsnp, with 145 judgments.

For the rest of the year, backlogs were cleared up through digital sessions and the use of extra capacity. For example, a relatively large number of people entered the Wsnp in June, September and October.

Debt restructuring mainly in the north of the Netherlands

In 2020, an average of 17 people per 100 thousand inhabitants across the Netherlands were involved in debt restructuring. The influx was relatively high in the northern provinces in particular: in Groningen 37 per 100 thousand and in Fryslân 32 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Of all municipalities, Delfzijl had relatively the most entrants to debt restructuring (122 per 100 thousand inhabitants), but the neighboring municipalities of Appingedam, Midden-Groningen and Oldambt also had high numbers.

Lowest inflow of debt restructuring in the province of Utrecht

With an inflow of less than 9 debtors per 100 thousand inhabitants, the province of Utrecht had the lowest inflow in 2020. The municipality of Utrecht had an influx of 8 per 100 thousand inhabitants, which is relatively low compared to other large cities.

Again fewer people in legal debt restructuring
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