Agreement on price medicine Zolgensma against muscle disease SMA

The Hague

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis has reached an agreement with Ireland and Belgium on the price of gene therapy Zolgensma. “A specific group of children in these three countries, which are part of the Beneluxa, can use Zolgensma as a result,” the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport reported Friday afternoon.

gene therapy

Zolgensma is a gene therapy for the muscle disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). It is the first time that Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands have reached an agreement with a manufacturer about the price of a drug.

‘Great news for these patients’

State Secretary Blokhuis: “It is great that the cooperation with these countries is successful. This collaboration makes medicines more accessible and this is great news for these patients who are now getting access to this medicine. We will continue to focus on this successful collaboration in the future.”

Joint assessment and negotiation

The joint process started with a Health Technology Assessment through the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. This is an assessment of the effects and costs of a treatment. In July 2021, the first three countries finally started price negotiations. The result is that Zolgensma will be reimbursed in these countries for a specific group of children. In the Netherlands, the reimbursement will start on November 1, 2021.

One-time treatment

The drug is an innovative, promising and one-off treatment that targets the cause of the disease. It is made available for a specific group of children. These are patients with SMA type 1 and presymptomatic SMA patients with up to three copies of the SMN2 gene. Every year, between 10 and 20 children will be helped with this.

The Beneluxa

The three cooperating countries are part of Beneluxa, which also consists of Luxembourg and Austria. In 2015, the Beneluxa collaboration started with a view to long-term access to medicines in the countries concerned. Together, the countries want to guarantee access to affordable care for patients. This not only involves price negotiations, but also research into innovative and often extremely expensive medicines that will come onto the market. Evaluations are also exchanged in the field of health technology.

Agreement on price medicine Zolgensma against muscle disease SMA
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