Ahmed (9) teaches in a country devastated by war

Ahmed is a teacher at a school in Yemen. And that is special, because he is only 9 and he is blind.

His city of Ta’Izz was almost completely destroyed by major bombing. Children are taught in the ruins of the school building. The walls are no longer standing. When it rains, the water comes in.

In Yemen it has been unsafe for years and at least two million children do not go to school. There is also often no money to pay teachers and teachers. So if they don’t show up, Ahmed takes over the class. He likes to do and only teaches subjects that he knows a lot about himself.

What’s going on in Yemen?

Yemen has been at war for over 5 years. Part of the population has rebelled against the government. They are fighting against the government army.

Many other countries are also getting involved. Some countries support the government army and other countries support the people who have rebelled. As a result, the war has gotten bigger and bigger.

The war is not over yet. During the lesson, the children regularly hear shots. Still, the teachers and Ahmed try to keep the lessons going as much as possible. They hope it will get better in the future.

Ahmed (9) teaches in a country devastated by war
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