‘Airbnb pops up on stock market debut’ | Financial

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky reacts ‘shocked’ to the indications for the opening price that have been released via Bloomberg news agency. Previously, the stock’s launch price was set at $ 68. Airbnb raises approximately $ 3.5 billion with the IPO. The founders of Airbnb are cashing in over $ 100 million on the initial public offering.

By the way, the mood on Wall Street today is being depressed by the increasing number of aid applications from unemployed Americans. At around 5:45 pm, the Dow Jones index is 0.2% lower. Nasdaq technology fair rises by 0.6%. The broad S&P 500 index is almost flat.

The number of benefits claims in the US rose by 137,000 to 853,000 last week. That figure is higher than expected. The rising number of corona infections and new lockdowns in the US are undermining the recovery of the US labor market and more people are being fired.

Meanwhile, the Republicans and Democrats in Washington still disagree on a new bailout package for corona crisis victims. They seemed to be aiming for a package of more than $ 900 billion.

The rate of Facebook goes down 1.2%. A competition complaint has been filed against the social media company. Facebook would have tried systematically to eliminate competition for years and used its market power to do so. As a punishment, Facebook could possibly have to sell Instagram and WhatsApp if it is up to the American justice.

Wednesday made By Dash a glorious debut on Wall Street. The food delivery company was worth over 85% more on his first trading day. The DoorDash share is back 8% today.

‘Airbnb pops up on stock market debut’ | Financial
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