Airbus cancels another order from Qatar Airways

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Aircraft maker Airbus has canceled another order from airline Qatar Airways. This time it concerns two aircraft of the type A350. Airbus previously canceled an order for fifty A321neo aircraft. The European company wanted to increase the pressure in a long-running conflict with Qatar Airways over the A350.

That conflict has dragged on for months and involves faster-than-expected wear on the paint on the fuselage of the plane. There the paint can crack and peel. Because of that problem, Qatar Airways planes are grounded and the company is deploying other aircraft.

Airbus believes that Qatar Airways itself has insisted on the flight ban in order to be able to enforce compensation. Airbus had previously agreed with Qatar Airways to pay more than 150,000 euros per day for one A350 for the days on which that aircraft could not be used during the repair. Shortly after, there were more inspections and the no-fly zone.

Qatar Airways has ordered a total of 76 A350 aircraft, of which it has already received 53. The airline wants to see about 675 million euros in compensation from Airbus.

At the end of last month, Qatar Airways placed two major orders with Airbus’ major competitor, the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The airline will purchase 34 777x freighter aircraft and 25 737 MAX 10 aircraft.

Airbus cancels another order from Qatar Airways
Source link Airbus cancels another order from Qatar Airways

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