Akwasi would accept punishment for Dam rulings | Entertainment

It concerns the statements of his performance during a Black Lives Matters demonstration in Amsterdam, where he said that if he met another Zwarte Piet in November, he would “personally” step on his face. If he is still prosecuted for that, the severity of the punishment for the rapper no longer matters. Should it be a prison sentence: “I want to be put on the guest list”, he writes. Also community service would Akwasi do not mind. “I like to help keep my beautiful Amsterdam clean; clean from litter and clean from dirty racism. ”

Twenty complainants requested the court in Amsterdam on Wednesday to prosecute Akwasi for his ruling last year. Their lawyer Richard van der Weide believes that there is legal inequality, because Jenny Douwes was prosecuted for her call to block a highway, while Akwasi was not.


Akwasi was also present at the Palace of Justice in Amsterdam on Wednesday. According to the rapper, no constructive conversation was possible with the prosecutors. “There has even been talk of a passed station. I think that is a real shame. ”

The OM decided last year to conditionally dismiss the case against Akwasi if he would publicly distance himself from his statements. The rapper has done that. But the prosecutors disagree with the dismissal. If the court in Amsterdam agrees with the arguments presented by Van der Weide on Wednesday, the Public Prosecution Service may be forced to prosecute Akwasi. The ruling on this will probably follow in four weeks.

Akwasi would accept punishment for Dam rulings | Entertainment
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