Alec Baldwin turned in smartphone for research

Photo: ANP

Months after the fatal shooting incident on the set of the movie Rust, Alec Baldwin handed in his smartphone for investigation. Police in Santa Fe say the actor turned in his phone to authorities near his New York home, US media reported.

Baldwin’s attorney Aaron Dyer told CBS News that the actor is voluntarily cooperating with the investigation. “But this matter is not about his phone. There are no answers to be found. Alec has done nothing wrong.”

Last week, the police stated that Baldwin did not cooperate with the investigation, but according to the actor, that was not true. “Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests, orders, demands or search warrants regarding my phone is nonsense. That’s a lie,” Baldwin said on Instagram. His lawyer reaffirmed this week that his client is fully cooperating.

The 42-year-old camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed during the rehearsal of a scene in October with a weapon that served as a prop. Baldwin did not know that the weapon was loaded and said he had no idea how a real bullet could have ended up in the weapon.

Alec Baldwin turned in smartphone for research
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