All new Dutch ID cards with fingerprints and QR codes

According to the new EU standards for ID cards, all IDs issued in the Netherlands as of this week will include a QR code that provides direct access to the cardholder’s fingerprint and the cardholder’s Burgerservicenummer (BSN). Contains new elements. ).

New features of Dutch ID card

The new European regulations aim to increase the security of ID cards across blocks and introduce minimum standards for the IDs of all EU citizens. To comply with this new regulation, the Dutch government has introduced several new features to Dutch ID cards.

Currently, all new ID cards have a small EU flag with the letters NL on the front and a small QR code that displays the cardholder’s BSN number. This means that the BSN number will no longer be included on the machine-readable chip, but many will appear on the back of the card. In addition to this, the two fingerprints of the cardholder are also included via the “secure storage medium” as they are already in the Dutch passport.

Dutch ID Security

The new ID card looks a little different, but the updated EU standard does not invalidate all existing ID cards. Instead, when you renew your card, Dutch citizens will receive a new card with all the new features.

Rhodia Maas, managing director of the National Service for Identity Data (RvIG), said that while existing Dutch ID cards are “internationally acclaimed,” “the opportunity to introduce many innovations into this new model. I grabbed it. “

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All new Dutch ID cards with fingerprints and QR codes

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