Amalia gives an insight into her life in a book by Claudia De Breij

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Princess Amalia has accepted her future role as queen. Although the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima does not yet know where her focus will be, she tells author Claudia de Breij in the book Amalia, which will be published on Tuesday.

In the book, the princess gives an insight into her doings. Amalia, who has her birthday on December 7 and will then turn eighteen, talks about her future position and about her hobbies, income, study and faith. She also says that she was crazy about nannies.

“If I can avoid a bad situation through diplomacy. If I’ve made the world a little bit better, I’m happy. I am in the service of my country. I give my life to the Netherlands”, says Amalia. “Whatever it is, I can’t do anything anyway without the government’s permission, without the country’s approval. And that goes very far, you can send me in all directions. Up to a point, of course.”

“I was never the rebel, never made problems to make problems. I find arguing really annoying. And in terms of my parents’ upbringing, I just feel like they give me a purpose, to improve myself and try to be a good person.”

Amalia does think that a relationship is “private”. The princess has also thought about the constitutionally required consent for marriage. “If it’s the man who supports me, who I love, who I want to spend my life with and parliament doesn’t approve, well, then we’ll just have to see what I do. I can’t choose at my own expense. Then I can’t give the best for our country.”

Claudia de Breij has been asked by the royal couple and the Government Information Service (RVD) to write the book. Similar books were published on the eighteenth birthday of Princess Beatrix in 1956 and that of Prince Willem-Alexander in 1967. De Breij calls her work “an attempt to introduce everyone who wants to get to know the young woman who will one day become Queen of the Netherlands”.

Amalia gives an insight into her life in a book by Claudia De Breij
Source link Amalia gives an insight into her life in a book by Claudia De Breij

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