AMBER Alert now sent via Burgernet

In addition to the Burgernet app and the well-known (social) media channels, the AMBER alerts will also be shared on matrix signs and digital screens at train stations, at bus and metro stops, above highways and via digital screens at airports, at shops and gas stations. This is supplemented by a large group of organizations that also distribute the alerts.

Range of investigative tools

When tracing missing children, the police have a range of investigative tools at their disposal. Some of them are not always visible to the public. An alert is one of the means that can be used. A national AMBER Alert is sent on average twice a year. In addition, the police can also send a regional AMBER Alert if there are indications that a missing child is in a certain region. A regional alert is deployed eight to ten times a year.

The background to a missing person can be very different per case. Every year, a total of almost 17 thousand missing children are reported, but fortunately the vast majority of these are found within a relatively short period of time. An AMBER Alert is only distributed in the event of life-threatening missing persons.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

With the acquisition of the AMBER Alert brand name in the Netherlands, the domain names, social media accounts and logos have also been transferred to the police. Since January 1, 2021, the management of Burgernet has been entrusted to the National Control Room Cooperation (LMS), a multidisciplinary partnership of police, ambulance care, KMar and the Security Region/fire brigade. The LMS is responsible for the development and management of the control rooms in the Netherlands.

Sign up Burgernet

Burgernet is used for things such as theft or burglary, driving on after a collision, robbery and missing persons. After receiving a Burgernet report, participants can give tips to the control room. At the end of a search, feedback is given as to whether or not the searched item has been found. In this way, every citizen in the Netherlands can contribute to making his or her environment safer. As of today, missing children in mortal danger are also distributed via the Burgernetapp.

AMBER Alert now sent via Burgernet
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