Amersfoort mayor: ‘The situation now does not require a curfew’

According to sources in The Hague, the cabinet is considering introducing a curfew. The cabinet will discuss the option tomorrow within the coalition and with the mayors of the security regions. The mayor of Amersfoort, Lucas Bolsius, thinks it’s a bad idea. “It is not appropriate at the moment. The infection numbers are falling, also in Amersfoort.”

The curfew, between 8 pm and 4 am, is to prevent people from visiting each other. It should reduce the risk of infections. But Bolsius says: “People must be able to go outside. To stay healthy.”

The government’s argument is the concern about the much more contagious British variant of the corona virus. In Great Britain and Ireland, where the number of infections is exploding, this variant has disastrous consequences for healthcare. “I understand that people are looking at London. During the first wave you could point to Bergamo, you can always point to something.

Staying healthy

“We said: we will do a lockdown. After Christmas you can see the numbers go down. The images from London, and the presence of the British variant in the Netherlands, do not give me enough reason for a curfew. that to keep moving a bit, and that’s important to do. “

The mayor also sees a number of practical problems in enforcing the curfew. “The number of people who can enforce is too low, police officers and boas. You get a whole discussion: who is allowed on the street? With which permits? Public transport to zero, shops close before eight, food delivery brings a company like Picnic. in trouble. You put pressure on shops because there is a shorter period for shopping. “

Targeted measures are much more logical to the mayor. “Get a picture of where the virus is. You have to take measures there. It is easier to lock a care home where an outbreak is taking place than to arbitrarily close society.”

Support base

The mayor is expected to implement the policy. “I will also do that loyally. But you have to be realistic, also in terms of support. People have to stay in. We are not a police state, we do not want to be that. Enforcement is quite complicated and if the number of infections remains low, the support becomes less and less.”

Bolsius says that as a father too. “High school students went to school at the end of last year. They said to me:” Dad, we can stand outside with the three of us, we are at school with 500 students. to make.”

Bolsius’s wife works in the intensive care unit of a hospital. “I also get the necessary information through her. If there are people lying there whose family was celebrating Sinterklaas with sixteen men, you can do six curfews, but it makes no sense.”

Amersfoort mayor: ‘The situation now does not require a curfew’
Source link Amersfoort mayor: ‘The situation now does not require a curfew’

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