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The municipality of Amstelveen is open to naming a street after Peter R. de Vries if a request is made to do so. That is what deputy mayor and alderman Herbert Raat (VVD) said. De Vries’s younger brother called on the mayor of Amsterdam on Friday to name a crime reporter who died a week and a half ago after an attack.

,,Peter R. de Vries lived in Amstelveen for a long time: we knew him and he grew up here. I don’t have to explain that he was a special resident,” alderman Herbert Raat told AmstelveenZ on Saturday. That the crime reporter is missed by many is one thing that is certain. A tribute to De Vries is therefore logical, according to Raat: “Of course we are open to that.”

De Vries was born in Aalsmeer but grew up on the Borssenburg in Amstelveen. He lived there all his childhood and on the wall in the alley behind his parents’ house is engraved ‘Peter’ and the name of his favorite football club ‘Ajax’. According to the local magazine, De Vries’ love for Amstelveen was great. ‘He played football at NFC and took his friends here to play or work on the grounds of the gunpowder factory in Amstelveen or Muiden. He was also a goalkeeper for the A-juniors.’

If there is a Peter R. de Vries street in Amstelveen, it is possible in the new housing development De Scheg. Many new homes will be built there in the coming years. According to the magazine, there is also a plan on the table to honor special residents in the new neighborhood by means of street names.

Street and monument

Peter R. de Vries died on July 15 in a hospital in Amsterdam after he was shot in the center of the capital a week earlier after a performance in RTL Boulevard. Brother Wouter called on mayor Femke Halsema to name a street after the crime reporter. “Throw out a naval hero and come up with a Peter R. de Vries street name,” he said Friday evening in the talk show Humberto. If it’s up to him, Peter’s kids Royce and Kelly get to pick the spot.

De Vries also hopes for a monument to the crime reporter. To honor his brother’s legacy, the work he did should become commonplace, Wouter believes. “I myself am not waiting for a statue of my brother, but I am waiting for a monument by Peter R. de Vries,” he said. “That should be a monument that we as a society stand for. A kind of monument where you think back to something, but also look ahead.”


Family, friends and colleagues said goodbye to Peter R. de Vries on Thursday in the Carré theater in Amsterdam. Cremation followed. One day thousands of people paid their last respects to the crime reporter. Three suspects were arrested after the July 6 attack, one of whom was released the next day. The other two are 35-year-old Pole Kamil E. from Maurik in Gelderland and 21-year-old Delano G. who lives in Rotterdam, but also has an address in Tiel. They will remain in jail for the next 90 days.

Amstelveen wants to name street after Peter R. de Vries | show
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