Amsterdam, Rotterdam Ban New Year’s Fireworks: NOS

New Year's Eve Fireworks in Rotterdam 2019

New Year fireworks in Rotterdam. Photo: Rool Paap/Flickr

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem are among 12 Dutch cities and towns that have banned citizens from setting off all fireworks except children’s fireworks during the New Year celebrations, the broadcaster said. NOS reporting On the weekend.

The NOS asked 223 local governments about their plans and found that 12 have introduced sweeping bans, two more are considering next year, and about 10 will do so in the future. I found out I was planning to.

Cities allow sparklers and other small fireworks to be sold all year round, and professional fireworks shows get the green light in Amsterdam. The city council is also planning“spectacular” event Museum Square with fireworks and light shows.

Fireworks were not allowed during the last two New Year’s celebrations due to coronavirus restrictions, the ban was widely ignoredFor example, according to public security agency VeiligheidNL, 773 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries during the New Year celebrations this year.

Officially, from 2020, Chinese firecrackers and rockets will be banned nationwide. This is because governments are gradually restricting the use of fireworks, which can cause damage and injury. Licensed fireworks can only be set off between 6:00 pm December 31st and 2:00 am January 1st.


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Haarlem, Blumendael, Heemstead, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen, Hemen, Muck En Midderal, Soest, Utrecht Heuvelrug will all impose sweeping bans this year on the grounds of nuisance, damage and environmental impact It’s a schedule. Arnhem will follow suit next year.

Dutch local government organization VNG said in March that 65% of local mayors supported the ban.

Other towns and cities have introduced no-firework zones near shopping centers, petting zoos and nursing homes.About 40 local governments have introduced no-firework zones, 53 of which are in Including the specified Hague.

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