Amsterdam’s Rainbow House to open next summer for marginalised LGBTQ+ community members

A “Rainbow House” (Regenbooghuis) is set to open in Amsterdam next summer, the municipality announced on Thursday. This initiative aims to provide a safe space where marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community can come together to connect and organize various activities.

To support the project, the city is providing a subsidy of over 200,000 euros. According to Touria Meliani, Amsterdam’s alderman responsible for Arts and Culture, Events, Inclusion, and Antidiscrimination policy, there has been a long-standing desire among certain groups in the LGBTQ+ community to have a safe and inclusive place to meet, share knowledge, and plan their own events.

The municipality highlighted that LGBTQ+ people of color, transgender persons, and those with disabilities often face challenges finding such spaces, making the Rainbow House particularly crucial for addressing their needs.

The Rainbow House will be located in the De Potgieter school building in Amsterdam-West, in the Da Costabuurt neighborhood. Vanny Reyes, the interim president of the Rainbow House Foundation (Stichting Het Regenbooghuis), the Rainbow House is an important place for many marginalized members LGBTQ+ community. “These groups do not feel safe and at home in the city. Think of young people who are being evicted because their families do not accept them. They really need the Rainbow House.”

The facility is planned to include a living room and a large kitchen, as well as office spaces for various organizations and consulting rooms. There will also be a stage for hosting music and other performances. To ensure the space caters to its target groups effectively, a program council will be established to collaborate with all involved organizations in designing programming that meets their needs. The Rainbow House will also serve as a place where people can seek care and support from professionals.

Originally planned to open in the summer of 2021, the project experienced delays due to the extensive renovation work required on the building and subsidence issues, according to Het Parool. Amsterdam’s Rainbow House to open next summer for marginalised LGBTQ+ community members

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