Another possible Rutte threat, ‘politicians must be constantly afraid’

The vast majority of threats are expressed through social media. For example, Yavuz O. would have placed incendiary texts in public Telegram groups, as it became clear today about the Amsterdammer who, according to the Public Prosecution Service, has planned a possible assassination attempt on Rutte.

Shooters and Weapons

“I’m not looking for protesters. I’m looking for revolutionaries. Shooters/hitters/arms/violence. Everything allowed,” the suspect is said to have written in that app group. He would also have been looking for weapons and discussed his plans physically with others.

The big question in these kinds of cases is always: how serious was O.? Were they mainly tough words, which many suspects declare in court in such cases afterwards, or would he have added word to deed? This is difficult to say based on reports in the media, experts emphasize. “But I can imagine that the judge sees these statements as a threat,” says criminal law professor Hans de Doelder.

The more systematic the statements are, the more seriously the intelligence services take it, according to Van Buuren. “In this case it seems like something more than someone who posted something on social media in an angry mood. There may have been no concrete plans yet, but people were talking about it with others. But it remains difficult to say how serious it was .”

‘I’m afraid’

Ultimately, the judge will decide. Just like this week the police judge did in a case against the man who had threatened D66 leader Sigrid Kaag and outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge via Facebook. “I’m afraid to open the mail,” Kaag stated in court.

Kaag described the fears she says she has since the threat:

Another possible Rutte threat, ‘politicians must be constantly afraid’
Source link Another possible Rutte threat, ‘politicians must be constantly afraid’

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