Apple makes trackers safer after a fuss about stalking

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Apple is updating its AirTag trackers to make them safer to use. The company wants to prevent the devices from being used to track people, for example. For example, Apple users will receive a notification faster if an AirTag has been near them for a longer period of time and they can then also find the tracker more easily because they get a more precise estimate of the distance.

Furthermore, they can make the AirTag play a sound that is louder than before after the update. This also makes them easier to find.

Apple released the AirTag last spring. The tracker, which looks like a large metal pill, is intended to be attached to a bag or a key ring, for example, in order to be able to find them if they are lost. Apple already had several security measures in place to warn people if an unknown AirTag was in their vicinity for an extended period of time. The tech group already took into account that the trackers could also be used to follow people secretly, for example by hiding AirTags in bags, jackets or cars.

Thanks to those measures, the necessary messages came out from people who were being followed. That led to pressure on Apple and the tech group now wants to make it clear even faster if people are possibly being watched. Apple said it worked with advocacy groups and law enforcement to make the changes. Police departments can request from Apple who an AirTag has been found. That system also makes the tech group simpler and also clarifies the information for the police.

Apple makes trackers safer after a fuss about stalking
Source link Apple makes trackers safer after a fuss about stalking

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