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Tech giant Apple is organizing a big event on September 14, where the iPhone 13 will probably be shown. Officially, the tech giant has not yet revealed what is being discussed, but fans have already fished the necessary hints from the invitation.

Although Apple has not said anything about the new iPhones, it is almost a certainty that the devices will be shown on September 14. The company has traditionally been doing this in September for years, with the only exception being the iPhone 12 last year. The presentation was then forced to be postponed due to the corona pandemic.

What will be shown next to the iPhone 13, however, is a mystery. Anonymous sources and market analysts have already revealed a few things, such as the arrival of a new Apple Watch, but there’s just as much chance that all of these speculative products won’t be announced until a later date.

Tradition among Apple fans

Still, some Apple fans think they have an idea, harking back to a time-honored tradition. The tech company has a simple image that reads ‘California streaming‘ sent to the press as an invitation to the event. An invitation in which, according to the most fanatical Apple adepts, hints to the planned products are hidden.

The invitation Apple sent to the press. © Apple

Experience has taught us that this is not always the case: according to critics, the invitation is nothing more than a nice record, from which there is nothing to read. But that doesn’t stop fans from speculating. We’ve put together some of the most popular theories – take them with a grain of salt.

A rose gold iPhone 13
Behind the Apple logo and the mountain range on the invitation is a blue sky, which turns pink at the bottom due to the sunset. The theory: This refers to a new color for the iPhone 13.
Apple often introduces a new color option with new iPhones. The iPhone 12 Pro comes in dark blue, just like the sky in this plate. Would the pink sunset refer to a new rose gold variant?

Better zoom on the camera
The Apple logo is transparent this time and hangs above a mountain range. The farthest point of this is shaded in the center of the logo, like the viewfinder of a camera trying to photograph something from a distance.

It might refer to an improved camera in the iPhone 13. Because the logo focuses on a distant location, it might be an improved zoom camera in the phone.

Improved sleep features in iPhone or Apple Watch
The tagline of the Apple invite this year is “California streaming.” Not a crazy text in the first respect: Due to the corona pandemic, there is no ‘real’ unveiling that will be attended by journalists, but California-based Apple will stream the event online.

A little conspiracy theorist can read something more in it: the lyrics are a direct reference to the song ‘California Dreamin’ from The Mamas & the Papas, which in turn may be related to the company’s scheduled sleep features.

Perhaps the iPhone 13 can better track your sleep pattern, or perhaps the sleep functionality of the Apple Watch will be expanded with a new model.

More features for Siri
The blue stripe on the water simply looks like the reflection of the Apple logo hanging above it. But if you squint a little, you could also see the line that voice assistant Siri shows when she talks.

It could be a hint at new features for the voice assistant. Or it’s just a line.

Planning with augmented reality
The invitation is also on Apple’s website. If you visit it on an iPhone, you can activate a special augmented reality variant there. Your phone’s camera activates and displays a floating Apple logo in the center of your room. Move there and you will see the date of the presentation on the inside.

A nice easter egg for the biggest fans, and Apple used augmented reality more often for invitations. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it hints at plans with the technology. CEO Tim Cook has been saying for years that he sees augmented reality as the next big technological step.

But should we expect Apple’s smart glasses right away? Everything is possible, but then the company has kept those plans very well secret. Until now, little concrete has been leaked about such a device.

Apple event on September 14
In about a week we will know which of these far-fetched theories turned out to be correct. The iPhone event kicks off at 7pm on September 14, which this site will also cover.

Apple organizes major iPhone announcement: these hints are hidden in the invitation, according to fans | Tech
Source link Apple organizes major iPhone announcement: these hints are hidden in the invitation, according to fans | Tech

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