Arrests due to network of illegal Latin American prostitutes

A telephone containing 1600 contacts of prostitutes and people who provide them with shelter and a workplace has been seized from the woman in Amsterdam. For the prostitutes, advertisements are also placed on the Internet for a fee, telephone appointments are made with customers and taxi drivers are offered. The prostitutes have to give up a lot of their earnings for this.

Latin American sex workers are usually in a vulnerable and dependent position. They are not fluent in the Dutch and often also the English language. They are generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for often risky sex. They don’t work in the same place for more than a week and then move to another place. This is done to maintain diversity in the offer in a city, but also prevents the prostitutes from building up a social network.

The suspects arrested are suspected of helping prostitutes residing illegally in the Netherlands for profit in obtaining residence in the Netherlands. They are therefore suspected of human smuggling. The woman probably arranged living and working places for the prostitutes for a fee. The man is suspected of transporting the prostitutes to these addresses.

The examining magistrate in Zwolle has placed the woman in custody for two weeks on Friday. The man was sent off by the police that day pending further investigation. He remains suspicious. The police investigation is being conducted by the National Criminal Investigation Department.

The 1,600 contacts from the woman’s phone received a WhatsApp message from the police. The prostitutes were made aware of the possibility to ask for help or to report the crime. Those who provide them with shelter and workplaces have been warned that they may be involved in human trafficking.

Increase in transgender people

In recent years, prostitution checks throughout the Netherlands have shown an increase in women and transgenders from Latin America. In a so-called Field Lab Human Trafficking, a group of representatives of the Public Prosecution Service, the police, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, a municipality and social workers have investigated prostitution by these transgender people in particular. It is estimated that about 700 Latin American transgender prostitutes reside in the Netherlands. This estimate is based on the number of ads by this group on two of the largest sex sites. The actual number is probably higher.

Many transgender people from Latin America come to Europe in the hope of a better life. In their native country they are faced with the choice of hairdresser or prostitute, if they are not killed because of their identity. Information from Europol also reveals an increasing number of cases of trafficking in human beings with suspects and victims from Latin America in Europe. There would be a carousel of Latin American transgender prostitutes who work for short periods from homes across the country and throughout Europe.

Arrests due to network of illegal Latin American prostitutes
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