ASML wins South Korean billion dollar order

Chip machine manufacturer ASML has landed a billion dollar order from South Korean chip manufacturer SK Hynix. Over the next five years, ASML will supply EUV machines for a total amount of 3.6 billion euros.

They are the most advanced chip machines that exist. They work with extreme ultraviolet light. With this, lines and circuits can be drawn on chips on a very small scale, which considerably increases the computing power and memory capacity. An EUV machine is the size of a bus and costs about 120 million euros each.

The Korean chip manufacturer will use the ASML machines to produce fast and energy-efficient memory chips. The demand for chips has grown enormously in recent years due to, among other things, ongoing digitization and electric driving.

Due to South Korean stock exchange rules, SK Hynix announced the order today. An ASML spokesperson says the order was expected and the delivery for this year is already in the order book.

ASML is the world market leader in chip machines and achieved a turnover of 14 billion euros and 3.55 billion euros in profit last year, and had 11.3 billion euros in orders in the books.

ASML wins South Korean billion dollar order
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