Behind closed curtains?Amsterdam City Councilors Support Red Light Plan

Curtains closed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.Photo: Alex Nichols Lee

A majority of Amsterdam city councilors say closing the curtains on brothels in the red-light district would be a good way to reduce the problems currently caused by an overload of budget travelers.

The proposal was made by city councilor Ilana Ruderkerk during a discussion about plans to make the oldest part of the Dutch capital more livable.

Ruderkerk asks, “Do sex workers feel respected for being looked down upon?”You can also ask how they handle sex work [tourist] Attraction has helped elevate the status of women in the “me too” age.

A QR code at the counter or a booking system will allow customers to see if a sex worker is available at the time, she said.

Rooderkerk plans to put forward a motion to call for the curtain down at next week’s board meeting, and can count the support of two of the three coalition parties and most of the opposition.

Femke Halsema Mayor Parole in reaction She is not against the idea, but it is unlikely that sex workers themselves would agree.

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This proposal Extensive package of measures Brothels closing at 3am instead of 6am, bars closing earlier, and visitors to the district not allowed to smoke marijuana outside, to deal with tourist troubles.

Halsema is also exploring options to develop sex centers in dedicated locations away from urban centers.

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