Bendsneyder first wants to participate in the front in Moto2 and then to MotoGP

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Bo Bendsneyder has still not put the top class MotoGP out of his mind. “That is ultimately the goal,” says the 23-year-old motorcycle racer in the run-up to the Assen TT this weekend. “First participate in Moto2 at the front, then the chance to move on will come naturally.”

The Rotterdammer is in his fifth season in the middle class of the world championship and seems to have finally found his niche. “The results are consistent. It is time for the next step and that is fighting for a place in the top 5”, says Bendsneyder, who has already managed to finish in the top 10 four times this season. “Another team boss has come and we click with him. He gives me a good feeling and that is the big difference from last season.”

The motorcycle racer knows by now how important it is to have confidence in the machine. “The field is so close together, everything just has to be right. In Barcelona I had a bad start and that doesn’t help. In Mugello, ninth was also achievable, but then I made a mistake on the last lap. There is still some improvement to be made to fight for the podium, but I’m on it and it’s possible.”

Bendsneyder rides in Moto2 for the team Pertamina Mandalika. “The team has a Spanish owner, but the sponsor is from Indonesia. My grandmother is Indonesian and that helped to get a contract. It’s looking good for next year. I also want to stay with this team. I also think it will improve my performance if I spend longer with the same team with the same people.”

This year’s Grand Prix of Indonesia was also very special to experience, he says. “I do have Indonesian blood, but I don’t speak the language. It was unbelievable how it lives there. That is quite different than in the Netherlands. You only count when you are on the podium, but in Indonesia it doesn’t matter whether you come first or last. You are one of them and they are proud of that.”

Nevertheless, Bendsneyder is looking forward to his home race in Assen, where there is always something to do with him. He has already made a false start, retired after two laps once, received a time penalty at another TT and flew just before the finish of his bike in 2017. The machine slid across the finish line without him. “Assen remains very special. There is always some extra pressure, but also motivation to do it well.”

Bendsneyder first wants to participate in the front in Moto2 and then to MotoGP
Source link Bendsneyder first wants to participate in the front in Moto2 and then to MotoGP

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