Benefits of summer day camps for kids

Whether you need to take care of your kids during a long vacation or are looking for something fun to immerse your energetic kids, summer camps are the perfect solution. With over 10 years of experience, Zein International Childcare Holiday Camp provides a memorable summer for children ages 4-12. From July 1st to September 3rd, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30 pm, eight different themes to be held in multiple locations in The Hague, what are all children? Guarantee that there is.

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What to expect at a holiday camp

Programs ranging from multi-activity camps, sports camps and photography camps to cooking camps and circus camps are carefully crafted by a team of education professionals, sports teachers and other professionals.

Every day is different with a variety of age-appropriate and age-appropriate (workshop) activities related to camping themes, organized sports, outdoor time and exciting field trips. Campers are grouped according to age, so experienced childcare professionals can guide younger children during the day and older groups can act more autonomously. All kids have a great time, learn new skills, discover new talents and make memories with old and new friends.

“Holiday Camp provides children with the opportunity to discover new skills and passions while having fun with their friends, building bonds and creating memorable memories.” Tamshin Eddie, leader of Zain Holiday Camp.

Build new and existing friendships

Summer camps provide children with the opportunity to connect with each other through fun activities, sports and games. Zein teachers are trained to help campers develop social emotional skills such as cooperation, connection, selflessness, and empathy. These skills help children build new and existing friendships with the campers around them. With new friends and a new sense of belonging, children will be refreshed from the holiday camp, self-esteem and confident to work on everything they are ready for the new semester.

Developing interests and learning new skills

Thematic holiday camps are a great place for children to develop existing interests, discover new hobbies and learn different skills, as well as build social skills. Whether your child is an up-and-coming photographer, sports star, loves performance, or wants to test their circus skills, Zein International Child Care has a camp for children.

At the photography camp, children learn how to use the camera and apply a variety of photography techniques. They follow exciting recipes around the world at Cookery camps and discover new sports at multisport camps. Children develop self-confidence when they succeed in new activities and acquire new skills. Zein offers eight theme programs to help your child learn in a safe and enjoyable environment during the summer.

Mental stimulation and physical activity

Holiday camps continue to actively inspire children during long vacations. Every day of the camp is full of outdoor time, sports, games, and exciting and psychologically exciting activities. At the heart of Zein’s program is fun and engagement, providing a way to spend a healthy, exciting and sociable summer and keeping children away from the couch.

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Registration has begun and as a registered childcare provider, Zein’s camp is partially subsidized for families whose parents are working or studying-how much to contact Zein’s friendly team. Learn more about how you can get your money back

About Zain International Child Care

Zein International Childcare is a leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands, providing day care, preschool, after school and holiday care in multiple locations in The Hague. Zein offers a specially designed and award-winning approach that focuses on the uniqueness of growing up in an internationally oriented environment, either independently or in collaboration with leading international schools.

Zein can carefully follow and work closely with the guidelines issued by the Dutch Health Authority (RIVM and GGD) in the light of COVID-19 to provide children with the care they need. Their health and safety protocols can be read on their website.

Benefits of summer day camps for kids

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