Big thumbs up for healthy food, but that doesn’t bother

A film about love and food. Therefor, foodies in this case, a lot of Dutch film buffs will be happy to get out of their easy chair to kick back in another chair with a bowl of popcorn. The one from the cinema.

So also Subway† When it comes to love and food we can’t help it foodies as Film Review of the Week. But also because of the protagonists. Sanne Vogel is na Garden in my heartSubway saw her at work on the Surinamese set before that) and oh baby after five years in a movie again. All-rounder Sanne Langelaar will be there. And Sinan Eroglu (DNA, Costa!!) is the pleasant feel-good surprise.

Love goes through the stomach, but in Foodies…

Love goes through the stomach, is a winged statement with several meanings attached. Omroep MAX once tried to find out and came to a literal and rather old-fashioned meaning: “Undoubtedly, it must have played a role in all those cultures in the past that cooking was mainly reserved for women. And that the man liked to stay if he was well taken care of.” Good…

In foodies the food often goes through the stomach, but something immediately goes very wrong. Sam (Sanne Vogel) is 32 and a popular food blogger (‘van Samthing Nice† Since childhood she has wanted to create and publish her own cookbook. She also writes reviews, and how. She completely burns down a restaurant owned by a young passionate chef (Sinan Eroglu) after a dinner with her bestie Jacco (Sanne Langelaar). “Rotten fish,” she writes, for example. However, by chance she has also fallen in love with this Marco, while she does not know that he is the chef. Sam is completely in trouble. Especially when her biggest and fake competitor food blogger Lilian (Holly Mae Brood) gets wind of everything and makes optimal use of it. And then you know, don’t you? Are career and love at stake? Or does Sam have the courage to really be himself and does that relationship still stand a chance?

Forgotten vegetables (farmer)

By the way, Sam meets Marco as a greengrocer, in a family business. There she has no idea of ​​his cooking. Friend Jacco understands nothing of that meeting. “Just in the wild, not on Tinder?” However, Jacco also pushes Sam to really put that green man to work. “Otherwise you go from forgotten vegetables to forgotten greengrocers.” Sanne Langelaar has more beautiful quotes. “I’ve had to praise you through that fucking ozone layer,” is one of them.

Healthy food promo, but never annoying

You can from foodies say that all the clichés are lumped together. Is that bad? No, that’s what a rom-com is for. And themes such as ‘always have to be perfect for others’, ‘the power of bloggers and vloggers’ and ‘pretending to be different than you are’ can also be found in this Dutch film.

Foodies Sanne Vogel
Sanne Vogel with her TV parents Anneke Blok and Erik van Muiswinkel. Photo: WW Entertainment

However, the subject of food is a nice extra. You get a lot of well-intentioned tips. We already mentioned those forgotten vegetables. But foodies is one big big thumbs up for healthy eating, growing your own vegetables and not wasting food. And at one point Marco even only cooks with stuff that would otherwise be thrown away. High raised fingers can be experienced as disturbing, but that is in foodies not the case. Rather, you walk out of the cinema with the idea of ​​’don’t throw pizza in the oven tonight’.

Nice game in Foodies

foodies continues to be positive because of the pleasant game. Especially by leading actress Sanne Vogel. Her timing, especially on clumsy moments, is very clever. Sanne Langelaar is once again completely at home and – as said – Sinan Eroglu is a pleasant surprise. Add to that that director Mannin de Wildt (Rose scent & Vodka Limespangas) also managed to get Erik van Muiswinkel, Anneke Blok, Roué Verveer, Loek Peters, Ilse ‘Teacher Ank’ Warringa and Holly Mae Brood. And oh yes, Soy Kroon (Friend of Brood) also has a role. But that’s logical, where is the busiest man in the Netherlands, Kroon, currently not doing?

Want to get hungry? Then is foodies a wonderful recommendation. At least if you also pull the hilarious ‘eating fight’ by Sanne Vogel and Holly Mae Brood.

Rating out of 5: 3.5. Nice, nice, nice.

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Film review Foodies: big thumbs up for healthy food, but that is never disturbing

Big thumbs up for healthy food, but that doesn't bother
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