Binnenhof Visitor Centre to open in November

In November, a new visitors’ centre about the Binnenhof will open in the heart of The Hague, at Plaats 22. At the Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre, visitors will soon be able to learn all about the progress of the renovation of the Binnenhof, the archaeological finds at the Binnenhof and the 800-year history of the complex.

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre has been realised by the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB), which is responsible for the renovation of the Senate and House of Representatives, Council of State and the Ministry of General Affairs. The Hague & Partners, The Hague’s marketing & acquisition organisation, will handle staffing at the Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre.

The Hague & Partners has extensive experience in providing information to visitors. Not only online via, but also offline with The Hague Info Store (THIS) – the VVV branch at Central Station – and with the coordination of the Hague Embassy; the pool of volunteers who kindly show visitors around the city. In addition, The Hague & Partners will focus on creating brand awareness of the Information Centre and promoting visits to the centre.


The Binnenhof has been the centre of Dutch politics and one of The Hague’s best-known attractions for centuries. Its origins date back to the construction of a castle by the Counts of Holland, who held their residence there since the 13th century. Even today, the prime minister, Holland’s highest political administrator, has his office in the Torentje.

The renovation of the Binnenhof started in September 2021. The Binnenhof complex comprises some 4,000 rooms, spaces, chambers, halls, corridors, attics and cellars. The total floor area is almost 90,000 square metres. Most of the buildings are high monumental. The renovation is urgently needed to restore a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. Moreover, the Binnenhof complex must be and remain easily accessible.

The renovation of the Binnenhof will ensure the preservation of 800 years of cultural heritage. After the renovation, the users of the Binnenhof will again be able to work in a responsible, sustainable and modern way.

Information Centre

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre opens on Plaats 22 and is free to visit. The visitor centre will soon feature news and current affairs surrounding the renovation, information about the history of the Binnenhof, archaeological finds and other interesting facts. The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre will remain open until the end of the renovation, expected in 2028.

Sander Hanenberg: “We are pleased to have been commissioned by the Government Property Agency to provide information to visitors of the Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre. This way, despite the renovation of one of The Hague’s biggest crowd-pullers, we can still let visitors experience something of the Binnenhof.”

Peter van Leeuwen, incoming programme director Renovation Binnenhof, says: “At the Information Centre, visitors can experience how extensive and special the renovation is, learn more about the history of the Binnenhof and view the archaeological finds from the complex’s 800-year history. Thanks to the cooperation with The Hague & Partners, we can cordially invite everyone to visit five days a week.”

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre will be officially opened in November. After that, it will be open from Wednesday to Sunday. Binnenhof Visitor Centre to open in November

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