Bitcoin Price Rises Above $ 60,000 | Financial

At the current approximately $ 60,500, the bitcoin price is only a thousand dollars away from the top it had set a month ago. And it means more than doubling this year and almost a six-fold increase in the past six months.

The current rally appears to be due in part to Coinbase’s move to the Nasdaq. The value of the company behind the popular trading platform with 56 million users is estimated at $ 70 billion. Coinbase has reportedly never been hacked and is known to be very trustworthy.

Also helpful is that it came out on Thursday that State Street, one of the world’s largest asset managers, is considering setting up a platform for trading digital currencies. Leading investment banks such as BNY Mellon, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have recently taken steps to make it easier for customers to invest in cryptos.

US citizens also seem to be operating a bit more on the buying side of late thanks to the $ 1,400 support checks they receive per person.

In recent months, large investors such as Tesla and software company Microstrategy were largely responsible for the enormous rise. It also raised confidence that parties such as PayPal made payment with cryptos possible.

Bitcoin Price Rises Above $ 60,000 | Financial
Source link Bitcoin Price Rises Above $ 60,000 | Financial

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