Black-tailed godwit stops construction of new airport near Lisbon

The godwit is holding back the construction of a new airport near the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The Portuguese aviation authority Anac has rejected the planning application after objections from nature organizations, it said in a statement on its website on Tuesday. Last year, Dutch and Portuguese bird defenders came together in action against the plan for the airport near the winter resting area of ​​the godwits, as migratory birds breed in the Netherlands.

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About fifty thousand godwits fly annually from the Netherlands via Portugal to West Africa. In the spring they make the opposite journey. In the Portuguese wetlands, the birds regain their strength for the spring, in which they reproduce. This mainly happens in North and South Holland and Friesland, where about 85 percent of the godwit population breeds. According to the Dutch bird protection organization, the Portuguese resting area is of “exceptionally great importance for almost all black-tailed godwits in the Netherlands”. In addition to black-tailed godwits, hundreds of thousands of water birds, including flamingos and avocets, hibernate in the area.

The airport is intended as an alternative to the national airport Humberto Delgado and would arise about ten kilometers from the area, near the town of Montijo on the banks of the Tagus. The Ministry of Infrastructure said earlier that “no studies” indicated that the intended location of the airport “will adversely affect the life of the birds in the area”. The airport is said to be good for more than ten thousand structural jobs, in the region that is struggling with structurally high unemployment.

Black-tailed godwit stops construction of new airport near Lisbon
Source link Black-tailed godwit stops construction of new airport near Lisbon

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